Best silver polish?

prairiefoxJanuary 31, 2008

What do you think is the best way to polish silver? I have several serving utensils and dishes that need to be polish and I'm open for suggestions.


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I use Wrights.....I stand over the sink, wet the sponge rub some of the stuff on the silver piece....rub till it suds up really well, rinse....and maybe repeat. If you have stubborn sport, put some of the silver polish on your finger and rub it...rinse and dry with a soft towel.
Linda C

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I have no idea as to you tarnish level and if I knew I would be better able to give you advice. If it just orange or has it turned blue or black? I collect and have over 700 pieces of this stuff. My wife hates it and would never be bothered She thinks that paper and plastic are the best things ever. After 25 years 1 would think that she would know better.

If the tarnish is light or just turning purchase the Hagerty's Silver Foam. Apply it with a natural Sea sponge. I purchase mine at the local beauty supply house or drugstore. These are a finer grade as they are used on your face and not as coarse as the ones sold for washing cars. I use old flanel baby blankets to dry it as some terry cloth will leave micro scratches. If it is really bad use Flitz Metal Polish or Mass. Wear gloves as this stains your nails. Flitz has a web site and Mass can be found in local stores. I buy the Silver Foam from It is the only place I can find the large 36OZ jars. The last time I purchased it it was $20 a jar. That may seem high but the 8OZ jar is what you are able to find in the better store the want $11.00 or more. They don't show the 36OZ jar on their web site the last time I ordered and I had to call and ask. They were not aware that they offered that large of a sized jar. I spoke to Martin and his EX. is 40049. The silver strips are great also. I place them on each shelf of my cabinets and in my flatware chests. I write the date on them and change them once a year. They really work well.

Happy polishing!

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I got your answers girls. It works too! Take your sink (plugged up) or a large pot etc. (big enough to be able to dip parts of the your silver item in) Put a sheet of torn off aluminum foil on the bottom of the sink/pot. Fill with really hot water and baking soda. Can't remember how much of it but I've read it's the chemical reaction between the tin foil and the silver object. Stir it around to dissolve then dip put the piece in (part of it must come in contact with the foil) Just keep dipping until all of the object is clean. Rinse off and dry. That's it. I've also heard that washing soda, spic n span and water softener also work with the alum.oil/hot water trick too. I just use baking soda as I always have that on hand. Try it. I should clean my silver tea set now but I've been sick with a cold....good excuse for now.

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Please don't do the thing with the aluminum foil and baking soda. It will remove all the oxidation in the pattern on your silver and greatly reduce the value as well as change the look of the silver.
Linda C

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Well, It hasn't done that to mine and the aunt I got the teaset from who's had it for many years, is the one who told me about it so I'd assume that is what she did. How does it reduce the value of the silver piece?

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If the tea set has any incised decorations, it removes the oxidation from the pattern and makes it look flat. In buying old, antique or simply used silver, that which has been dipped has a lesser value. The only exception would be pieces that are perfectly plain and have no design at all.
Linda C

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The May 2007 issue of Consumer Reports magazine rated 6 silver polishes:
#1 Wright's Anti-Tarnish Fresh New Fragrance, 85 points, excellent rating for brightening and very good rating for resist tarnishing.
#2 Weiman Royal Sterling Tarnish Preventing, 80 points, excellent for brightening and good for resist tarnishing
#3 Tarni-Shield Anti-Tarnish, 70 points, very good for brightening and very good for resist tarnishing
#4 Goddard's Silver Foam, 63 points, good for brightening and good for resist tarnishing
#5 Hagerty Silversmiths' Tarnish Preventative, 59 points, good for brightening and good for resist tarnishing
#6 Gorham Anti-Tarnish, 42 points, fair for brightening and good for resist tarnishing
Wright's and Weiman are also Best Buys, costing about half per ounce as #3, #4, and #5.
Good luck!

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Many old coustomers have been looking for F A Seeds Merit Silver Polish which was off the market for 10 years. It is back and will be in all Restoration Hardware Stores in the 1st quarter of 2011. In the interim you can find all the old F A Seeds Products on thier website

The silver polish used to be carried by Tiffany and Co testing as the best.

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For what it's worth, I have a set of silverplate (not pure silver) I keep clean with a once a year (pre-Thanksgiving) cleaning with Wright's silver cream. It comes in a small jar, it's a pink cream. I use a soft cloth, apply the cream, rub, then rinse with water. Buff when dry with another soft cloth.

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I am in Canada and use Cape Cod. It is the best product I have found.

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Can I find any of these items in a store or are they all on-line?

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Most of the items listed can be found in your ordinary grocery to the dusting spray and scouring powder.
Please do not use tooth paste on your silver. While it's not too abrasive for teeth it's much too abrasive for silver.

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I use Wrights Silver Cream on my silver, even tho it's only silver plate, not pure silver. Follow instructions on the can-use a damp soft cloth.

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