Academy Awards T'scape 'Gone with the Wind' (pic heavy)

jeannespinesFebruary 25, 2011

Oh, it's been a challenge today to pull this t'scape of Gone with the Wind to celebrate the 83rd Academy Awards coming on Sunday! Dollbaby was just a regular "pest" today...she just wanted to play so bad ...& so I had to get Bonnie Blue out of the cedar chest for her:

Dollbaby thought she needed more to play with so I loaned her my book keychain of Margaret Mitchell's GWTW...and a collector's GWTW stamped envelope:

As if that wasn't enough, Dollbaby insisted that I dress her as a Southern Belle...well, sorry, Dollbaby, you don't have a wardrobe from GWTW! I told her Scarlett had a dress made from draperies... so we gathered some lace doilies & valances!!! Good grief...sure taking up alot of my t'scaping time!

Finally satisfied, so I could go back to work on the t''s a full view of a Southern Belle, aka Dollbaby:

Here we go ... t'scape centerpc...Rhett, Scarlett, & candlelight, what more could we ask for?

Well, jewelry, of course! necklace, circa...remember that Great Aunt I told you about (my G'ma sister), the one I thought was a moviestar...yup, it was her crystal-like necklace & clip earrings, circa 1930's or 40's (memorial gift from my Mom):

The candlelight is 2 brass candleholders I got at GW for 99 cts. each this week...the candelabra is an old one that I bought yrs ago when those Home Interior or something parties were going on! But I didn't have any small-based candles to fit they are missing for my t' time! Darn! The elegant glassware is Heisey "Lariat"...I've shared before:

Here's a step-bk view of the centerpc...the fringed "throw" is a gift from a good friend made me a couple yrs ago:

I'm going to break here...& add more in the comment below. TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

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That same good friend who made the throw loaned me a few old dishes (Royal Embassy China "Macon") for my placesettings & the wonderful (LOL!) garage sale gold flatware! The bottom plate is my recent clearance purchase $3 ea for 2 dinner plates @Kohl's "St. Nicholas Square Laurel Gold."

Placemats & napkins were $3 at TS for 2 wouldn't want to really use the napkins'''they're pretty scratchy! Here's close-up of placesetting:

Close-up of "Macon" bowl (old) & "St.N. Laurel" gravy boat (also $3 clearance):

And the whole t' t'cloth from Kohl's also ($10 clearance + coupon buy)...thought it was a good match for GWTW...glassware I rec'd when I grew up (from Gma):

Since Dollbaby was fascinated by GWTW & the t'scape was done, I knew I had to change out the buffet:

Here's some of my Heisey Lariat on the right side of the buffet...the large Heisey plate has painted roses (I bought it that way):

To the left side of the buffet, I added a GWTW book from my collection & also a "timer" faux candle along with another couple pc's of Lariat Heisey:

My good friend has been covering candles with music sheets & I have the piano music to "Tara's Theme" so I scanned it & printed it on "clear adhesive backed ink jet paper"...that way I could stick it to the faux candle... (instead of ModPodge)

Here's the buffet w/shelf ...I put some of the GWTW plates up there...sorry, they don't show well...have to take another pic in the light of day:

OK, bring on the 83rd Academy Awards... The ceremony will take place on February 27, 2011, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Hope you've enjoyed this "Gone with the Wind" t'scape... 1939 the movie won 10 Academy Awards! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, your GWTW table and buffet is fabulous! Dollybaby is adorable with her new lace outfit. So glad your loaned her your book key chain, stamped envelope and Bonnie Blue so you could decorate for the Academy Awards.

Your table is beautiful with the dishes, place mats, napkins and candles. Love the frames you used for Rhett & Scarlett. Grt Aunts necklace, earrings, Gramma's glasses and scarf from DF are all wonderful.

Always enjoy seeing your beautiful Lariat Heisey dishes. The rose platter is gorgeous. Oh and I love your candles with the music glowing beside the book. So romantic...

Hope you can rest now that you've presented your fab. ts for all of us to enjoy. This was a great idea and all of them are marvelous.


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Oh, my gosh! Where to begin? The whole darn thing is so well put together. It really creates a mood. All the pieces just make a person feel like they're in the dining room at Tara.

Jeanne, you do have some lovely things. I love the Heisey Lariat glass. It is wonderful. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it when I wander through the antique stores.

Listen, I think your garage sale flatware is the cat's meow. About three times a year, I wish I have gold flatware. Not enough to buy a few sets, mind you. But just enough to fume about it as I put a table together. The prices are just too much. Wish I'd come across a good deal on a few place settings.

I have seen that candles wrapped with sheet music are becoming quite the rage. That was a smart idea to use the sticky back paper. I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Did I miss the explanation concerning the stemware? I'd love to see a closer picture of them. They look very pretty and very unusual.

And those old, ornate candlesticks are super too.

Everything, combined with a gold and dark burgundy color scheme makes me start to hear Tara's Theme playing in the background.

Wonderfully done!

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Jeanne..with all this Elegance and Finery in prep for the 83rd Academy Awards...the 'One Thing Sadly Missing' - will be -
ALL the Talented - Elegant Ladies & Refined Gentlemen - Actors of yesteryear!
I must say tho that Dollbaby is a 'Hoot' and when I first saw her in her 'get up'...I immediately thought of the 'Drapes' that Scarlett wore!! Love her impromptu outfit - Southern Belle and even the book keychain.
Your tablescape is just waiting for Rhett and Scarlett to appear for dinner. Love the pics and the candlelight - very romantic setting. The dishes and flatware with the placemats and napkins are beautiful and perfect for this all looks so Vintage. I love how your added your Aunt's jewelry too. The buffet is looking good again with with the nice GWTW accessories and your Lariat Heisey pieces. Great idea (making mental note) on the music sheet paper around the candles...I love the look.
You have such a fabulous collection of GWTW memorabilia
and did a great job on creating the 'Look & Feel' of this movie classic!
Funny, a couple of wks ago, DH was thrilled that he was able to tape GWTW from TCM w/o any commercials. He'll get a kick when I show him your Tscape!

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Jeanne, Oh my gosh all I can say is good luck now that dollbaby is getting to the age where she wants to be part of the action!! She does look adorable, as usual. I'm glad that Bonnie Blue and the book key chain and envelope kept her occupied so you could do this fabulous tablescape!!
Bret and Scarlett would be thrilled to be part of this wonderful table done in their honor. Your Great aunt's jewelry is perfect for this table. The Heisey Lariat glass looks wonderful. The candlesticks, China, Stem ware, Sheet music candle, flatware, napkins and place mats all add to the timeless elegance of this wonderful tribute to Gone with the Wind!!!

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That Dollbaby is a doozie, not only did I thing of Scarlett's dress of her mama'a portieres, but I also thought of the skit Carol Burnett did on her show. She used the drapery rod and all. That is my all-time favorite picture of Scarlett in the Twelve Oaks B-B-Que dress and Rhett is to die for. I think the regal color scheme of burgandy and gold fits the moveie perfectly, not to mention it matches the book cover too. I am having gold flatware envy too OA, one of these days I'm gone to break loose and buy some. It is easy to see why the Heisey Lariat is listed in my Elegant Glassware book. And of course the the special roses one is right up my alley. I love the stems also. I'm so glad you decided to do this movie and start this post, love it, thanks.

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Jeanne, I meant to comment on Dollbaby's First Day Issue. Is it really an original? It's in such perfect condition.

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Thanks, holiday-ers, for your gracious comments....Fiddle-dee-dee! (as Scarlett would say!)

OA..yes, that is an original of First Day Issue (usually in plastic in notebook on GWTW baker's rack...after my Dad died & Mom had given me the plates, I got really interested in GWTW memorablia...& I bid on a few things on fav things I bid on were B&W 8x10 prints..I have 6 altog but 1 of them is vintage...copyright 1954, R54/204...I love old B&W prints!

OA...the stemware...glassware is very old ... gifted to me by my Mom yrs ago who saved it for me in cedar chest until I had a home of my I think maybe produced late 1940's or early 50's).. I've broken some & tried to replace:

Got excited cause thought I had found the same thing one day on lunch hour from work & went back & bought after work...had Star of David on base...but diff stems...think they are old, too, but don't know cause I don't know ID of either one...I'll attach link below to Oct 10 Guardian Angel t'scape that shows pics.

Frou...Carol Burnett reference, too funny! Must see that again! The gold flatware is a set of 12 ...& it's my friend's GS find...& she dug it out cause said it would be perfect for GWTW t'scape! I thought so, too! Like, OA, I would love to find a few pcs! Here's a fork & spoon serving pc I have in the Lariat bowl on buffet:

Dollbaby certainly was pea green with envy as you said earlier about candy's GD's high chair!
Here's a better pic of the plates on shelf above buffet:

Thanks, punk, nana, jane...Dollbaby is such a pleasure! And I don't even really like dolls that much (ohhh, should have said that in a whisper! And thanks for your sweet comments...I had too much fun!

I did dig out the dolls that Mom gave me from her collections but I didn't like the look I was creating on the was not, "me." The largest Bonnie Blue I bought myself...Dollbaby wanted her on the tray but I said, "No!" LOL!

...and, kathleen, for your comment on diff post...hope you will be back to par soon! (hanging on too long for you!)

Such a long post, rattling again...been fun...TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Guardian Angel Day T'scape

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Jeanne, this afternoon DH and I were at junk store we hardly ever catch open, and I think he had your glasses in three different sizes. Email or post me a really good close-up pic with different angles and I will try to check on them, if they are the right ones they should be cheap. It's was wierd, I picked them up and said these are really nice, then after going out to dinner tonight I checked in and read your post about them.

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Thank you for the offer, frou...I think I've got enough w/the mix of the 2 patterns ... did you see this pic on my link? It's of the 2 diff patterns:

(antique store find, below:)

(my old ones, I think, below:)

But, thanks for the offer! Jeanne S.

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frou ....I think this may be the original ones I have from my Mom's cedar chest...found on e-bay...better pics than I took:

NORMANDIE TROPIC ROSE Libbey 4 Stemware Champagne Star

This auction is for 4 lovely elegant stemware named NORMANDIE, TROPIC ROSE, made by Libbey Glass co. in the 1940's. This is 5 3/4"tall, 3" across top, and 2 3/4"across the bottom. I think that this is the champagne; and has 20+ other items in this pattern. Notice the stem is elegant and the base has a 6- pointed star. Very good condition. Shipping is included.

Here is a link that might be useful: e-bay Normandie Tropic Rose Libbey 4 Stemware

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What more can I add to what has already been said. So enjoyed your story about dollbaby wanting to be included in the whole GWTW theme! Love the colors you used, just perfect and really goes with the romantic, old world charm. You have such a wonderful collection of items to use. If I had that picture of Rhett--I'd be carrying it around with me and drooling all the time. His smile is just fantastic--my favorite part when watching the movie I think! LOL (Shhh, don't tell DH I said all of this!)


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I'm shocked!

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luvs...those are "postcards" I framed ...yeah, he is a cutie! LOL at your comment! Thanks! Jeanne S.

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