Is anyone familiar with a 1960s Frigidaire Flair range?

aok27502March 21, 2014

We are renovating our Dad's house for sale, and the Frigidaire Flair has to go. I have it on CL, and have had an inquiry. I don't know which model it is, the house was built in 1963. It has double ovens, 40" wide. Almost exactly like Samantha's in Bewitched.

But here's my real question: does anyone know what will be involved to uninstall this thing? I assume it's connected to something beside wires and the vent pipe. I can't see anything from the cabinet underneath. I took off the filter and looked behind it, but I don't see much but wiring. Would it be attached to the wall?

I'm sure it will weigh a metric ton, so we'll prepare for that. Otherwise, any helpful hints or suggestions?


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I have one and personally I think you are crazy to get rid
of it if it is good condition, they are a dream to cook with.
The heat minder lets you set something to boil, then turns it self down when boiling reached and continues to boil with no
boilover, same for frying set it to temp and it maintains it
without ever getting too hot or cold. And the speed heat
is great when in a hurry.
The ovens are very accurate and cook so evenly.

The stove connects like any stove, it plugs into an outlet.
It sounds like yours is built in, they are the same as the freestanding,except they don't have a base cabinet.
The unit bolts onto the base cabinet or the built in cabinet
on the bottom. There are no bolts to the wall.

They are extremely heavy.
Parts are becoming hard to find but are out there, I stocked

I wouldn't trade mine for anything.

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I lived in the house when I was in college, and I've cooked on it once or twice a year since. Maybe it's the setup of the kitchen, but I always found it extremely inconvenient. It's really low, and it's not easy to move things to the counters on either side.

My biggest fear is that it is wide open to anyone more than 2' tall to get badly burned. If I had a toddler I would hate it. Also, the realtor doesn't like it and thinks it's a negative. We already have enough of those!

Thanks for the info. It was obviously installed when the house was built, but it's on base cabinets, not freestanding. I think I've seen pictures of some that look like they come with their own base. I guess we'll have to look closer inside the base cabinets to find the bolts.

Hopefully it will sell well. Everything works except the clock, which I'm seeing is a common problem. It needs a little spit and polish, then it will be near perfect.

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Circus Peanut

Have you tried posting it on the Retro Renovation classified ads? Surely you can find a buyer there! Just make sure to post clear information about where the stove is located and how to contact you.

Here is a link that might be useful: RetroRenovation: kitchen stuff ads

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You're crazy to let that go to the bottom feeders on Craigslist. It's a very much sought-after item, even has numerous groups/forums devoted to it. I wouldn't do craigslist before trying something like this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Frigidaire Flair google group

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I had one inquiry from Craig's List. I haven't posted on RetroRenovation yet. I was reading about their forum, and if I understood correctly, you have to link to an ad or something. Seems you can't post pictures directly. Anyway, I only posted on CL on Thursday.

I spent quite a bit of time cruising through the google group, looking for anything related to uninstalling it. I didn't find anything, but I was thinking of posting. DH has a google groups login. Haven't gotten to that yet, either. I also need to find out which model it is, which I did find reference to. I forgot to look today. This is sort of a whole house renovation, rather a lot of details to keep track of.

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The google was just an example (since it came up first in a quick google search, surprise surprise). There are several groups/forums, and one of them has (or used to have) links to the manuals for them. I don't remember what it's called but it shouldn't be all that hard to track down. The folks over at The Old Appliance Club would also probably know.

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That group had a lot of links to manuals. I looked at a couple, but they mostly seemed to be how to operate it, I didn't find anything about installation. I guess that wasn't something a homeowner did themselves.

I'll check out The Old Appliance Club.

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Try as well, they have many fans of these ranges and can offer help and maybe a buyer.

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Jealous, since it would go with our MCM house but the two of us couldn't agree to go vintage in the kitchen...

Hopefully someone on retrorenovation will buy it though and give it a new home. Those things are way too cool.

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