drywall disaster? Please help!

heidiaFebruary 17, 2014

Hello! We completed a custom build and are now living in the house. We moved in two months ago. Most of our walls are uneven/bowed, you can see the studs and nearly every single stud screw is visible under the drywall-they call it ghosting I believe. Plenty of nail pops as well. Can someone give me a breakdown of how serious this is? Builder has been just re-spackling nail pops and adjusting granite to fit the crooked wall, but I worry about the long term...

--how serious is this? What problems can it give rise to?

--what is the remedy to fix this?

--should we be worried/go on and fix it now?

We need to prepare ourselves-if we need to sue we will, but I don't even know where to start. This is so foreign to us. I would appreciate any info or guidance you have to give. THanks!

Dry wall is US made and 1/2 thick.

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You burning candles in the house?

Diesel car or truck in the garage?

What is the stud wall assembly from outside to inside?

Is it only happening on walls, or is it on the cieling also?

Ghosting is a phenomenon where contaminants are attracted to temperature differentials in the house. if there is adequate thermal bridging in the wall, it can cool the drywall nails and screws to the point that they attract the contaminants..

Ventless gas fireplace?


I assume the movement on the granite is an outside wall.

Is it taller than 8 foot? The taller the walls, the more they flex/bow to the outside in the winter, and its been a long winter..

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Thanks for responding Rollie. :)

no candles, no fireplace, no diesel cars or trucks.

Been in house 2 months, not two years. :) The build itself took about a year and a half to complete. These issues were present at the walk-through, before we moved in...builder said he would spackle the nail pops that actually popped the dry wall out.

Bowed walls include both outside and inside walls-the kitchen walls(one is outside wall, one is not), the laundry room outside wall, and the master bathroom inside walls, none of which are outside walls.

We have 10 foot ceilings on first floor and 9 foot ceilings on upper.

Vinyl outer, and we have the spray insulation.

Upper ceilings on second floor have these issues too, causing wrinkling and nail pops mostly.

Thanks for your help!

I guess my main concern is if we should be worried...if it is truly cosmetic that is one thing, but if we are talking about a major issue that needs to be repaired, we need to go on and address it with builder or go beyond that if need be...

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Why did they nail your drywall instead of screw?

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its not uncommon to have some issues that need addressing after the first year of service. Typically, you dont keep coming every time one arises, but let the house go thru a calendar cycle, and the fix everything. The problem with that, is that if there is indeed a chronic problem, that you are now into the calendar a year, and any warranties are probably going to be completed, and you will be at the mercy of your builders integrity..

Without any pictures (and I know pictures usually dont do justice defects like this) its hard to say if I thought there would be ongoing problems or not.

I guess I should ask you how is the builder handling the callbacks to date. Is he accepting all of your calls and sending someone out, or is he staying away?

Google drywall ghosting, and read up on its causes. If there is ghosting happening, somewhere there is a particulate causing it, It can be soot, dirt, carpet fibers that get air born and burned in a combustion device, etc.

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Sophie Wheeler

Sounds like a framing issue first of all. If the house isn't framed straight, drywall can't be straight. Prolonged exposure to moisture isn't good either. Wood swells, and then it warps. When the house gets dried in, it starts to dry out, and that can start the nail pops as the wood shrinks.

Sloppy work may be irritating to live with and continualy repair, but it's not actionable.

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If you've got nail pops, putting some mud over them is not a fix and can be visible even if they have smoothed things over a bit. He might just be trying to get past the warranty period.

You shouldn't have to accept and compensate him in full for sloppy work, which you will also have to pay to have repaired. That is not a fair exchange.

Get a GC or someone in there to assess the bowing, etc.

You can google nail pops to see appropriate handling. They are a project.

Good luck getting things fixed. It is a shame and can also affect resale.

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