100% cotton - tricks to get out of ironing?

caflowerluverJanuary 27, 2012

I made the mistake of buying men's 100% cotton PJ's top and bottom set as a Christmas present. I just washed and dried them and they were an unbelievable wrinkled ball. I had to iron them or he couldn't wear them. He didn't want to wear them till now and it is pass the return date.

Is there a trick, like putting something in the water, to get them so they don't wrinkle as much. I don't think getting them immediately out of the dryer would help as they were probably already wrinkled. And I don't have a line to dry them on.

It also seems like the cotton today is very light weight and flimsy. It has no stiffness like cotton use to have. I should have bought cotton polyester blend.



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Dry the pajamas to only half dry, take out of dryer, while hot pop good in the air to reduce wrinkles, hang on hanger and let dry. Part time in dryer will reduce stiffness from hang drying.

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krissie - Thanks for the tip. I will try it next time.

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I hate ironing. My Mom used to iron everything, sheets, Dad's underwear, just everything. she taught me how to iron when I was about 8. Started with flat stuff, handkerchiefs,etc, finally learned how to iron blouses and shirts. I was darned good at it, but HATED every minute. Now I look at labels and refuse to buy anything that requires ironing. I do use a clothes pole outdoors to dry most of my items. But I always put jeans and towels in the (gas) dryer because I hate the way they get so hard and scratchy. I will try this tip.

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I found that washing wrinkly clothes on warm/warm really helps. I wish my washer offered cold/warm. Then remove from the dryer before full dry and hang to finish.

Good luck:-)

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My wife just walked by and saw 'tricks to get out of ironing?' I cannot tell you what she said on a forum such as this but some of the language might translate into 'firearms' and 'illegitimate birth'.

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