Feel Good Shopping Trip

creekdwellerFebruary 25, 2012

Just wanted to share some of the things I have collected in the past several months. Not just new, some I got last summer.

Starting with the chocolate bunny and ending with the bunny and egg.

I covered Easter, 4th of July, Fall, and Christmas!!

Where is everyone?

I miss you all...


Here is a link that might be useful: New Items to me

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Creek, where do I begin...love your new choc. bunny. I want one or two or but the ones I find are so spendy. That's a neat picture stand. Is it old? The United We Stand and star dishes are great to use for so many occasions.

The yellow pitcher and bowl are pretty. So glad you brought home the M & M's w/missing limbs. Now they will be loved. Could use them and no one would notice that in bouquets, etc. Neat goblets and so many. Love the reflection from the purple cloth.

Gourds, feathers, acorns, pinecones and beaded fruit. Great for fillers or whatevers. The little pumpkin man and cart is to cute. Neat wire apple too.

Multi colored metal chickens are great. Then all those birds...super. Oh I remember your bunny and egg...so sweet. And a wht fiber optic tree too. That will be fun.

So glad I jumped on here to see all your goodies. Makes me want to go shopping!LOL I baked all day and visited w/friends instead of shopping. Still having some issues at work and tried to fix the cr crd machine with no luck today. Thought some different paper might do it but no go.Ugh Guess I'll order a new one Monday.

This is the way this forum goes. Not everyone can be here all the time but they are missed while away. Thanks again for sharing, it was fun. You did cover alot of Holidays. So happy for you.


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Creek, WOW you have some wonderful finds.!!
I can't wait to see how you use everything, esp the bunny and egg with Easter just around the corner.

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You are set for the holidays, creek!
1st Day of Spring coming up...so maybe we'll see some St. Pat's decor soon ... & flowers ....& bunnies ... & the re-juvenating of Easter!

You've got some great finds...I think the 'hunt' of thrift shopping is such fun! (a stress reliever ...not 'free' but worth every penny (or should I say $)!

I really like the pair of 'quail' ...along w/your Santa goodies...& pretty glassware. OA mentioned we should start a post on the 1st of each mo for this purpose ... 'our good finds!' TFS, creek! Jeanne S.

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Thanks every one. That is a collection of several trips.

Sorry, I didn't mean to jump the gun on OA suggestion.

The board has been so slow, I just needed to see some response.


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Creek, how many of those goblets did you find? They look great. You are making me really miss going Treasure shopping, I always loved the thrill of the hunt and just hoping to find a treasure. Now that I have to pay an agency for someone to stay with DH while I go, it sort of eliminates the "bargain" shopping idea. LOL

I'll be looking for all these neat things in your future tablescapes for sure. Thanks for sharing.


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Creek, forgive me for taking the easy way with just a big ol' DITTO on all the others said.

I so enjoyed seeing all your goodies, and love that you are posting more. Please keep it up, I've enjoyed each and every one.
hugs, Karen

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creek...you're not jumpin the gun...just sharing! Love it! Jeanne S.

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Creek.. looks like you had some successful shopping trips!
So many great things for practically every Season and Holiday!
Those goblets really caught my eye - they're beautiful.

I love that you shared this with us - Now it will be
fun to see when you use everything.

This definitely makes me look forward
to the warm weather and shopping at Flea Mkts again.


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Thanks every one. You all are so sweet.

Luvs, there are twelve goblets. I am trying to down load some pictures so you can see them in the china cabinet. I'm sorry you are in the position you are in. If it where not for my Hubby, I would have to do the same thing. Hire someone. I don't know what I would do without him. He lets me go when I need to get out. When the walls close me in, he even tells me "It's time for you to make a trip."

I got them off Craig's List.If you saw the pictures I have already posted, she had all the liqueur pieces, but, we don't use them.


P.S. I'll make another post about the silver!

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