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MichelleDTMarch 6, 2012


I know you sell American Range products. What are your thoughts on the new Hybrid Step Up? I am looking for an induction range for my pantry kitchen that can also be ordered in color. So far I only found Viking and the reviews are not so good (in fairness they may be old).

The other option is to go induction cooktop with oven. Can the Capital oven be installed under the counter with any brand of induction cooktop? The capital can be ordered in color right?


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Ooh, that is sexy! Love the look. Very similar in styling to Viking.

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Indeed it is but sadly 3-6 months or longer to market. Another GWer said they called...been in design/prototype since 2010 and still not on the market.

Sigh again!

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Heard from our regional AR rep (not Trevor as he is a long way from CO) at 10 this morning - petty impressed as others have said they have gone days with no response from AR. He did say it was not prime time ready but had a call into the AR President to confirm first available shipping dates. I volunteered to be a test case. ;-)

Being a salesman (with other lines), he did rave about this new product - a "game changer" for those that want "both gas and induction in one unit". He went though all the other lines to see if there was a fit but I am focused in on induction.

For others that are interested, I will you keep you posted on what they say.



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Very good! I am glad to hear there is a pulse at AR. They seem to have some nice stuff

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Well..the customer service was good - multiple responses within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the availability news is not so good. Viking it is for me.

From the rep:

Hi folks, I spoke to the CEO and unfortunately it will take another 8-12 months before the launch on a reliable Induction Plate.

The factory is not happy with current Induction technology available (and used by competitors) because of its unreliability and short life.

American Range is re-inventing induction technology to be of a heavier duty and to last at least 10-12 years of "trouble free" use.

The key word is "trouble free".

Again, I apologize!

Let me know if I can be of further use to you.

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Well, I'm afraid he fed ya some "Hoss Feathers", Michelle.

We see very few complaints with induction units, except for one brand, (and we won't mention that one)!!!

I do hope the poster that said that now have a different supplier for their induction is true and that the newer ones should be more reliable.


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I know - they introduced this "revolutionary" new range in 2010 (per the post above) and need another year to "reinvent" induction.

What E Ver!

I too am hopeful that Viking has made some changes and the product is improved. Doesn't seem like any GWers have this range installed or if they do, don't want to post on experience.


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I wonder if Anthony, a frequent poster, has any inputs on the Viking. If you look at his web-site, He sure goes "Ga Ga" over it.

Hopefully He would give us Honest inputs from his customers???? Have they bought one and how has it been?

Unfortunately Michelle, your timing is just a bit early as I bet, in the not to distant future, You will have a much better choice of Induction Ranges, than you do right now.

Too bad you can't just hold off for a "Lil Bit" and really gets something that "Tickles your Fancy".

Almost every night the wife exclaimes how much She loves her kitchen and I designed it more than 5 years ago, And I would like you to have the same experience!


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The good thing is I can hold off for a bit....I don't need the appliances until October and even then I can just plan for a range in the pantry and add it when I find the "one". I really do want induction so I won't rush.

As always...thanks for responding.


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Michelle sorry for the late reply. While we do sell American range it's in very small numbers. While i don't know anything about the range you posted above I would 100% test this range prior to any purchase and also check on availability of service in your area, your BS can be serviced by anyone due its simplistic build, but when it comes to Gas / Induction that is a completely different story.

Sorry not much help on this one :(

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Michelle, I was so excited when I saw this range. I have been flirting with the idea of induction - back and forth - BS or induction. I need a range so the induction cook tops are out for me. I was so disappointed to see your post that this AR unit is not even in production yet. If the AR rep reads this - just wanted him to know there are others out there who are interested.
I would love to get the thermador freedom top - just no place to put in - but it sounds like it would be a good fit for you.

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