China Cabs and Buffet 'Feeling Lucky'

phonegirlFebruary 26, 2014

I've finished all of my St Pat's decor. This year I went
with green and purple.

Didn't change out my Tea Rose dishes in my old cab
but gave it some green to blend with the rest. I see my
shamrock has curled up on me. That chef must of been
handing out wine!haha The shamrock necklace on my
plate holder lights up but forgot to turn it on.

More purple and green. I used violets, wedgewood ivy
and bordallo dishes to decorate. The bowls are from Pier1. Bought my platters at Ross and the tureen at TJ Maxx.

I'll post the table and other buffet in another post. Thanks
for looking.

Stay warm and safe df's.

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I have to love and purple!! Wooo Hooo.

And once again, your giant cabinet is simply gorgeous!!
Every. Time. You. Do. It. :)
But this might be one of my top favorite looks in it. The white just makes the green pop and shows everything off wonderfully.
LOVE it.

hugs, Karen

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Gorgeous Punk! Love the color combo...the way you arranged the
plates in your Hutch is so striking.
I agree with Karen that the white sets off everything beautifully...
One of my favorite arrangements of yours too.

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Just add my name to what Karen and Jane said.
Adding purple to the green is stunning.
The white dishes have a timeless beauty.
Your hutches look so lovely they are festive and elegant.

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Karen, Jane and Nana, thanks for looking and your sweet
responses. All of your comments reassured me this look
goes together. Sometimes thinking about how to decorate
this BIG hutch for each holiday is overwhelming.

I've enjoy decorating it for each holiday. With all your
comments, have to say that makes it fun. I've always been
up for a challenge. Years ago in school I was part of the
speech and debate team.Go figure!haha

Thanks again for the sweet comments. I'm hoping to set
a birthday table for our df who will be 94 on March 16. So
will have to redo this table before St Pats. Nice knowing I've
got this posted and it gives me some time to prepare for that.


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Well...I'm not surprised you were on a Speech And Debate Team...and prob real good at it've got that 'Gift of Gab' that shines here.
Its prob why your successful in your businesses too...Your
A real 'People Person' ! I always said it would be fun hanging out with you.
Not only for your 'Upbeat Personality' but your Good Heart too.
Your 94 yr old friend is fortunate to have you as a friend.

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Jane, I'm sure we would have a blast together. Maybe you
and DH should plan a trip to MT before you get busy with
your next home! Right now wouldn't be a good time tho.
We are being dumped on bad and I no longer snow ski.
An inch an hour since I got home tonight. Several in the
ditch on the way home.

I have to go in tomorrow for one of my old phone customers.
I told him I no longer sold phones when he called today but
he wants to visit with me in the morning before he buys a
new phone.

Positive side is he will let us quote his insurance so the
payoff should be worth it. I might be the closest thing to a
politician out there building our new business.LOL

I'm looking forward to a fun bday party for our df. They
are taking us out for prime rib again tomorrow night if the
weather calms down. Any more it's almost a standing dinner
date every friday nite. They are such a fun couple and
always ready for a good laugh or two and so are we.

Will be fun when you can show off all your decor again.
Thanks for always being here to cheer us on and keep
our Holidays alive!

Our DCandy seems to be MIA. Hope she's busy making
a fun new project to share. Or geting all her amazing
St Pat's decor out. Has anyone heard from her lately?

Stay warm and safe. Punk

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Marlene Kindred

Love all of the green and purple! Looks like Spring has sprung in your house. Great to see. Love your dishes and your platter is gorgeous!

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Thanks Marlene! I've had all the dishes but the platters
are new this year. Kinda sad to have to admit I had
bought two platters and forgot. So bought more another
time while out shopping. Oh no, I don't shop to much!
Couldn't pass up the great buys either time.

I was suppose to meet a client this morning at the office.
(have not been working fri. and I told him this yesterday
when he called) When I got to work this morning there
was a message he couldn't make it in due to road conditions
and severe weather forcast.(lives in the same town I do)
Hoping history doesn't repeat it's self on this one soon.HA

I'm so ready for spring. I closed 2 hrs early today to
avoid the worst part of the blizzard. Suppose to be -25 to
-40 with wind chill here this weekend. I'm not planning on
leaving home this weekend for anyone!lol

Thanks again for the sweet comments.
Stay warm and safe.

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Gee Punk..I'm glad you got home safe...your weather sounds
awful. Bummer you had to go to the office for nothing.
That prime rib dinner sounds like a really nice 'tradition' for you and your
DF...good to have friends that you enjoy being with....friends like that are real keepers..
I wish I could get out West's beautiful there..I know we'd get into
Major Mischief! It's a nice thought the time we get thru this
Awful weather here..I'm hoping we can get started on a place to live.
We're expecting some major snow Sun & Mon...Ugg
Seems like everyone is getting blasted this Winter with cold temps and
Snow.. And YES Spring can't come soon enough.
Well you keep warm and stay safe yourself.... when you're out and about.

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Jane, so have you and DH decided if it will be new
construction or an already built home? So glad I
don't have to deal with that right Hope you
will share the journey with us here.

This weather stinks for sure but I have no dount our
Savior will see us through it once again.

BTW, loved seeing your picture @DD on facebook!
Did you have a donut w/your cup of joe? I should
spend more time on FB while this weather is keeping
me home bound!hmm


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I love purple and green together. They set each other off so nicely. Your pattern with violets is very sweet. I love the Bordallo platters, too. I keep meaning to get over to Tuesday Morning to see if they got any Bordallo in for spring.

I'm sorry you've had such a tough winter. Here in SoCal, we haven't really had winter at all. Just this weekend, we are finally getting a little bit of rain and my plantings are so thankful. I haven't gotten to use my fireplace even once because it has been so warm. In fact, I never even changed out the linen bed blanket for wool as I usually do in winter because it would have been uncomfortably warm.

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F2BH, Yes, go check out Tues. Morning for bodallo. That's
where I found my first ones. Sad but they went out of business
here so no more shopping fun there for me. The violet dinnerware
is Waverly Garden Room.

The storm has passed for now and warmed up to 3. Sad to
hear those of you are in a drought while we are piling up the snow.
There is nothing better than rain to help things grow.
Hope you continue to get more so you have Happy plants!

I don't have a fireplace but know DB in CA rarely uses his
other than for Christmas. I have comforter sets that I
normally change out but this year with the hot flashes I
didn't feel the need.LOL

Thanks for looking and your comments. Punk

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LOL Punk! I remember when I used to freeze DH out during
Winter when I was having 'the flashes'...I used to sleep in little tank tops
and just shorts and throw the blankets off, while he had to put on sweat shirt and pants b/c he was freezing!
I still experience some nights that I cant stand blankets on and it's
so cold out..So I feel for you and what you're going through.
We have been in talks with a builder and plans are being finialized, but
still have to see if it will work $$. I really want SMALL ...not looking to
do any large upkeep anymore. Will let you know when all is a Real
Go!...Send out good luck here...we could use it.
FTBH...I have been hearing about your dry weather conditions and see
there has been some rain your way. Hope it doesnt get too extreme there.
Stay Warm & Dry ladies...Spring IS one it's says the Calendar!

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Oh I'm so EXCITED for you! Wishing you the best
on your new home. I keep thinking about the up keep
on a lg home and not sure that's what I want either.
Ours is 2197 sq ft plus garage so a nice size to retire
in. I do need to get the new flooring this year and see
how that satisfies me. Keep us posted and 'GOOD LUCK'!


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A new house does sound exciting, although I get tired when I think about moving. I've moved so many times in my life, but I've been in my current house ten years so I've gotten out of the habit (plus being 10 years older...LOL!)

I would like to downsize once my parents no longer travel. Until then, my house has an optimum floor plan with one bedroom on the opposite side of the house from the others, giving us both a little privacy.

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Punk, this "picture" made me think of you (and some of our other gang)....

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Karen, that picture is GREAT!!! If you can believe it, most
of our snow is gone now. It's in the 50's and melting fast.
I for one am so ready for spring this year.


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punk ..I totally missed out on this post ... so I'm late for St Paddy's Day ...

Love the combo of green & purple & TJ's lovely 'purple scarf!' (bet you crocheted it,uh)

Wow..looking @the 2nd pic of the 3 sections of your china cabinets tog ...that is just so beautiful! Love the purple plates you added & the dainty violets pattern! The ivy & cabbage dishes make such a great combo!

You've been busy, girl! ~~Jeanne S.

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Thanks Jeanne. Your not late for St Paddy's, you
still have another week! I'm going to reset this table
for a df's bday but haven't figured out what I'm using.
His bday is this Sunday and he'll be 94.

Was kinda waiting to see what the weather is going
to do. Sounds like alot of rain but not much snow
down here. That works for me.

I did make the scarf TJ's wearing. It's a mix of left
overs from two skeins. Seems as tho some skeins
have alot more than others. No matter how big some
peoples heads are I don't think they want to long of
a scarf.LOL

So appreciate you liking the purple & green combo
and letting me know. I count on all of you to guide
me through the decorating. It's always fun to mix
things up for a change.

Great to hear from you. Punk

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