Plumbing for a Gaggenau combi steam oven

lalitharMarch 21, 2012

We are doing the plumbing for the Gagg steam this week and I want to make sure we get it right.

Plllog/ Zartemis and others.. Can you please tell me how you did yours?

Here is what I am planning.. water pipe coming down from attic with a shut off valve in the cabinet above the oven. Drain pipe connected to a drain near the sink. This is drain is what I am worried about. My oven is mounted lower (the bottom is 36" from the floor as allowed by Gagg). The drain needs to connect to a sink which is another 12 feet away. I am planning a drain line in the wall that the gagg drain is connected to. Do we need a P-trap (I think the answer is yes here). Do we need a vent as well? I am worried that the water will be hot. Can the drain be made of PVC?



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You need a good and careful plumber. :) That's how I did it. :)

Gizmonike has the valve in the cupboard above. I have slab foundation. You can see how my lines run in the beginning of my finished kitchen. Basically, it goes to the center where the main drain line was, and the island was added.

My valve and drain trap are in the pitcher cupboard to the side of the ovens. The drain line runs down behind the big single oven, as according to installation instructions, then into the cupboard for access, then into the wall and down to the trench.

I don't know if that's useful to you. The master plumber carefully planned all the angles, etc., well before demolition, and checked and rechecked to make sure it would all work.

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I'm also trying to figure this out right now. Mine will back up to a pantry, so I will probably put the valve and drain in there.

I haven't quite figured out about the trap requirement. The oven has one built in. Also, you aren't supposed to shorten the drain hose, so it will likely have a loop or two in it which will act a as trap. Even so, an inspector may want to see the trap, and you need a spot to attach a vent line. Gaggenau shows a trap in one diagram, and not in another.

plllog -- how many inches wide is your 6 foot spice rack? I may trade some countertop for one of those.

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Plllog --> Do you have a vent as well on your drain line? I am confused by the same pic as attofarad I think.. I see a ptrap but no vent. Or maybe it is common plumbing logic that all ptraps need vent or not.. very confusing to me. BTW, I called Gaggenau and the lady asked me to check with my plumber.

Where does it say to not shorten the drain hose?


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Okay, I've uploaded a picture of the open cabinet.

The drain and water line come through right under the next shelf up, as you can sort of see. That's about the level of the bottom of the big oven.

There is a vent. It is required. The trench picture doesn't show any of the actual plumbing bits for the oven in it. It was a work in progress picture. I linked it because it shows how the fall of the drain line goes and ties in to the rest.

I'm sorry I can't give you better details. I understand the principles of plumbing, but I don't tend to make long term memories of things that are recorded elsewhere.

I agree with the lady about the plumber (see above). :)

I do know enough to know that the big issue I used as a test for screening contractors was the fall for both the steam oven and the island. I hired the guy who was equally concerned. He brought in the master plumber and the camera to crawl the line, before we had a contract, so that he could assess the scope of the job, and even if it would be possible. We lucked out that the kitchen drained toward where I wanted the island, rather than toward the powder room, in a perpendicular direction. The line required something like 1/8" per foot, so they were just really careful to make sure the angle was true.

Attofarad, I remembered that I'd answer that before, in Kitchens. Please forgive the copy and paste:

The face of the spice rack is 7", and the trays about about 4.25" interior measure. It's one sided with a thick wall and some air space on the back so that the spices will be okay even during self clean. The back of the wood gets a little warmer than room temperature, but the side that the spices are on stays cool.

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>>Where does it say to not shorten the drain hose?

I don't know which model you have, but here is the text from the newer models, from the Drainage Connection paragraph on page 6:

� Drainage hose must always lie below the
� Drainage connection must lie at least 4 ÃÂ
(100 mm) below the drain water outlet of the
� Do not bend the drain hose.
� Do not shorten the drain hose supplied with the
appliance. � The total length of the drain hose must not
exceed 16 3/8 ÃÂ (5 m).

The older model has similar wording.

I cannot imagine that it is very important. Maybe they want the water to cool even more before it goes past the trap (now I'm just making stuff up ;-)

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Could be they don't want bozos shortening the hose and screwing it up requiring them to provide a new hose...

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Plllog- thanks for the picture. I have slab too, so the water has to drain to the sink which is 12 feet away which gaggenau people said is ok. But i also really emphasized ergonomics and the bottom ofmthe oven is just 36" from the floor. The convection oven is below that. Now i am kind of worried about this decision in my layout. The photo helped it click in my head.

Attofarad - thank you so much for copying the instructions from the manual.. You helped me catch a potential mistake. The drain hose thing was a miss on my part but the vent thing is a important as it has to go in before we put the new roof on.. Now it has roofing paper but the roofers are coming next week. Tomorrow, Mr.plumber better go over this in detail.

I will report back once it is done.

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Hi everyone, can the gagg steam oven be installed on a wall 13 feet away and have the drain run down and then across under the floorboards into the sink draininage pipe? The length of the drain hose should be just within the 16+ feet posted above.

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