Shark Steam Mop...what am I doing wrong?

izzy51January 31, 2008

I don't know if I am doing something wrong, or what the problem is. Every time I mop (even before the pads get too wet) my mop leaves water drips on the floor at the front of the mop where the steam comes out. I returned my first mop thinking that there was something wrong with it, but this one does the same thing. Is there s special way to put the pads on (or something else) that I don't know about. Thanks.

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I had the same problem with the Bissell. I hated the steam mop.

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I'm having the same problem with my shark steam mop. It leaves large drops of water and I have to go over the floor with a towel to dry it.

I let it heat a little more than the 30 seconds they say to.

No doubt, it cleans good but the big water drops it leaves behind is not good (especially for laminate flooring).

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something wrong with my mop?

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I'm having the same problem as shaun. Do I take it back and exchange it for a different one??? Laminate floor here also. Drops of water are the size of a quarter.

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I've had my Shark for a few months and I can't say that I have that problem at all. Don't know what to tell ya maybe Ree knows.

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Hi all..
the only thing I can think of is you may be over filling it..?? Is the cap on properly? try a lower water level and see if that stops the problem.. other than that, I have no clue why your mops are doing that..?? I haven't had that problem.. you can also call the shark company directly and see if they have an explanation.. It may be a quality control issue ..and the shark company should be made aware of it and help out with the problems some of you are experiencing.

HereÂs the number and hours they can be reached.. hope it gets resolved!
1-800-798-7398. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

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Thanks for the ph #. Calling now to see what they say and I'll post back.

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Well I just got off the phone with EuroPro Customer Service and they said to send the mop back for repair. ummmm. I didnt realize it was broken. I thought I was doing something wrong!

Okay, now off to find a box to put it in. What a hassle. I guess I have to pay for shipping now too.

When you call them, they will give you a customer ID number.

You have to write on paper (that will go inside the box with the steam mop) your name, address, phone #, customer ID #, write down the problem w/mop and put any attachments that came with the mop in the box w/the mop. He said not to send back the cleaning pads or the funnel and filling cup.

So there ya go. All of us who are having this problem, it's nothing we are doing's a problem w/the mop.

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PS...... does anyone know how to get his mop apart (in two pieces) for easier shipping? I see a little button on the back of it right under the bottom cord clip and pushed that in but I can't get it apart.


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yes..there is a button that connects the handles together
. . Just like when you put it together.. it should come apart easy..I am happy you called them.. you never know, they might just send you a brand new one.. what a shame you had problems with it.. itÂs such a hassle to ship something back ugh!
Keep us posted!

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I have tried and tried and can not get that blasted handle off! I used the end of a pen to push that button in and put my foot on the base and pulled and pulled and that thing will not come apart!

Guess I have to wait for hubs to get home. Maybe he'll be able to get it.

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I forgot to mention, the customer service man asked me to call him back in 15 mins as their computer system was being updated. He said he needed to enter the "return" information and give it to me.

So about an hour later, I called them back and got a different man and had to go through the whole riga-ma-roll again. Name, address, model number, reason for complaint......... holy moly. I had a customer id number and thought that would eliminate all this, but no.

This man tried to give me trouble shooting tips, asking about the water level, (I fill it using the provided cup) and asked me if I was pumping the mop 7 or 8 times before use, (yes I've done that too) and even told me to wash the pads before using them, (hello, I've had this mop since October, I believe they've been washed,,,,,,,,, many times).

After a while of listening to him try to get me not to send it back, he tells me to call later this afternoon because their computers are still being updated. He said they are open til 6pm and to call back.

I still can't get the blasted mop handle off of the unit but I did find a nice box to ship it back to them, but now I'm having trouble getting the return info they apparently need before I can return it.

I feel frustrated right now.

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I can't imagine that we all have a mop with the same defect, esp. since I'm from Canada and you guys are from the U.S.,plus the fact that this is my second mop doing this, because I returned the first one after using it a couple of times and it was doing the same thing. Still has me wondering if we aren't doing something correctly. I use the container provided to fill it and line the dots up on the cap to put it on, so that's not the problem. hmmmm.

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Well after SIX phone calls to customer service trying to get a return number in order to return the mop, I finally got thru at 5:45 pm.

This man, a new agent who had the thickest accent and was terribly hard to understand went thru the whole thing again, my name, address, phone number, model number on mop, another number on the mop, can't recall the name of it,the problem I'm having........ OMG I was on the phone forever.

Their computers were finally updated.

This new agent had a deal for me. If I sent them $29.95, they'd send me a brand new mop, 3 replacement pads and a new fill cup and funnel.

I declined, saying I just wanted this one repaired if it could be and that I didnt want to spend any more money.

So then he told me that the $29.95 deal was a better deal for me because not only would I have to pay to ship the old mop back, but I was required to put a check inside the box to cover shipping BACK to me. I about went through the telephone.

I asked for his supervisor's supervisor. I was so irritated. All day long I've played around with this company trying to return a defective product.

Well I was put on hold for not that long and my Indian friend came back and said they would be shipping me a brand new mop and they would pay shipping.

They don't even want the old mop back. He said to use it for spare parts.

So that's the saga. Now I wait 2 - 3 weeks to get a new mop. I hope it works better.

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wow!! I guess it paid off in the long run! I am assuming they are aware of this problem??? I think they did the right thing...sorry you had to go through all that with CS.. they are quite the bunch! Hope it doesn't take too long to get to you..let us know when you get it and if this new mop is ok!

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Thanks Ree, I'll post back when I get the new one and let you all know if it's better.

Should be here by Feb 27th or sooner, hopefully.

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Where do you buy the distilled water. Please give names of stores. When you wash your pad does it come out very clean. Mine didn't the first time and my floor wasn't that dirty. The cord gets in the way but I will put up with it because it beats getting on my bad knees.

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I have used mine twice now and I have missed feelings about it. It had been a week since I mopped when I used it the first time and the pad wasn't that dirty when I finished mopping my kitchen, breakfast room and my master bath.

I noticed both times that it steamed alot when it was full but when the water level got about half way down, it stopped steaming. Then it started steaming again but not to the rate that it started with.

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I meant "mixed feelings", not missed!

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I just got my Shark steam mop last week and had mixed feelings too. I was surprised that the steam just shoots out front and not actually under the mop. Does that sound right? I figured how clean could the floor get? All it does is shoot steam and then go over it with the pad? So I tried it and the pad was filthy (embarassingly dirty). So I thought it must be doing a good job.

Then the other night, I dropped a bottle of vegetable oil on my tile kitchen floor. I couldn't believe it, what a mess! So I wiped up what I could and sprayed a little Simple Green on it to cut the oil. Tried to wipe again and everything was still greasy. Then I remembered my new purchase :) and whipped it out. It cleaned the entire area beautifully. No greasy marks at all and the floor was really clean. So now I say I love my steam mop. It was there for me! I love it.

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Has the Shark steam mop improved or is there a better one out there?

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I can't comment on the Shark steam mop as I never have used one. My husband & I looked all over for one locally before Christmas as I really wanted one. I knew our Target normally carries them but were out of stock. Anyway, I decided to purchase the Bissel steam mop on line from Target since it was in stock and try it and if I was not happy with it I could return it to Target and then try the Shark when they got them back in. Well, I am happy to say I am extremely pleased with my Bissel and so I kept it. I really would have liked to try the Shark to compare but I never did.

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I have the Bissell also and think it does a great job, but I was wondering how it compares to the Shark in ease of use. Has anyone used both and care to compare? Is one easier to use?

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Received my replacement Shark Steam Mop today - Im taking it for a test drive tomorrow and I'll see if it still spits out water.

I hope not!

Stay tuned~

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how's it going? hope this one is problem free!

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Hi Ree!

Well my husband has been working on installing a new bar in our home so I didn't' want to mop yet until he's done.

You know, I was constantly sweeping up saw dust and drywall dust and stuff from shoes in and out of the house.

He finished the bar yesterday afternoon so today I plan on doing the floors. I'll let you know!

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Hi Shaun
my fingers are crossed! Hope this one is fine.


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This one works better! Yipppppppppeeee!!!

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Hi ladies,
I have been searching for a steam mop and bought my Shark yesterday.
I used it today and I don't know what I am doing but I have mopped my kitchen like four times and it still leaves a white scaly chalky film on the tile.
Any Ideas on why?

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I too get a white hazy film on my tile floors after I use the Shark. I even swept, then washed THEN used the Shark and still that chalky film on my floors. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I had the same problem with the film/residue on my floors. I tried the mop on 3 different floor types - laminate, ceramic tile and bathroom tile. I tried washing the pads and that didn't help. I know it wasn't from left over cleaning products because I've only used vinegar and water on my floors for the past couple of years. What really got me though was when I went to wipe the residue off of my bathroom floor I sprayed it with vinegar/water and wiped it with a white rag. Not only did the residue come off but a good amount of dirt as well! I took it back and will be starting over, looking for something else.

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I looked to this webpage today to get some advice. My mop has been working until today - seemed like no water was pumping out. No way I'm paying to ship it somewhere, so I tried taking it apart, screw by screw (I didn't mess with the heater or the water tubes) and now it works again. I have to do the same thing with my Shark sweeper about every 6 months. If you're ready to trash it anyway, it's worth at least giving this a try.

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I've heard so many bad things about the Shark and I've been in stores when people were trying to return them (or exchange them). The problem is always the same. And there doesn't seem to be much alternative competition. I've seen the Haan demonstrated on TV; but never seen one in stores. I'll be doing more research before getting one, though I would really like one to use on our bathroom tile floors. For now, it's vinegar and water and hands and knees!

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I ended up giving my mop to a friend who has ceramic tile flooring.

This mop is not good for laminate flooring. Too many drops of water and streaking.

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I've had my mop since Fall '07 and liked it a lot. Last week it stopped producing steam, even though the power was still on. I called and a man told me to refill it 2-3 times slowly and pump the mop, what kind of water was I using, was the pad wet or dry? The trick didn't work. When I called back today another man said I'd have to ship it in for repair, $17+ and $10 for shipping. Or I could have a new mop for $39.95 plus shipping. I told him I haven't even had this 2 years, why would I trust them to fix it or buy a new one? He had no other solutions for me. I paid $100 for a freakin mop, I'm not about to pay more for shipping/repair/replacement!

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I've had my shark for quite a long time and have loved doesn't leave streaks, and even after sweeping well ahead of time, the shark always gets a lot up. This morning I plugged it in, let it heat and began to pump the handle and suddenly got a mini explosion out from the top around the handle - a loud pop and tons of steam. Now, nothing out of the mop head except water! Heading for the store where we purchased it - hoping for the best.

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Ann, my first Shark died the same way--a mini explosion, tons of steam around the base, and no more functionality. I'd had it for about two years.

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Hi,ya'll I have not had any problems with my mop yet.I sure hope I don't I spent so much money with that company.I got the mop first than the vac cleaner and the steamer.I have had the products sence last Aug

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I had mine three years. It just died. I had to talk with one of the worst customer reps ever yesterday. Wanted to scream. Do they teach them on purpose to take 15 minutes just getting your info hoping you will give up and hang up and never call back? She kept saying "bear with me" and "calm down."

I am trying coffee maker cleaner right now hoping that if it is mineral deposits, that will fix it. I already tried the refill, shake, dump, repeat procedure they suggested which did not work. I am not spending who-knows-what to ship the thing to them plus the $27 they want to repair it and send it back.

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Need the telephone number of Shark to tell them my 18month old steamer died and how is it repaired?

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This is the 2nd time I used the Shark Steam Mop, It did all of the above. This should not be happening, Shark is suppose to be a good brand.I too am out the $119.00 for this. It does a good job when it is working. Not sure what I am going to do. I have the Shark cannister steam cleaner but it is too bulky but it always works. Go figure??

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Bear with me here as I am trying to find out the consumers mindset. What is it that makes the consumer feel Shark is a good brand? It's sold at discount/box stores. Sold on Infomercials. They cannot be repaired and It has no repair/parts service. Sold by pitchmen rather than by salereps and has been repeatedly given "meh" reviews.

Any Insight would be helpful. Thanks

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I just bought the H2O Steam Mop form a China manafucture. I think it is good.

hmm~If you are going to buy, you can click here to have a look, just for some reference, there are also many other useful cleaning tools.

Wonderful for our materfamilias! right?

    Bookmark   July 19, 2011 at 3:07AM
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