Valentine stuff Part 2

PurplemoonFebruary 2, 2012

I was lazy and did the chandy just like last year, DT sparkly heart wire 'garland' and my lg crystal heart.

Bay window. I used a metal ornament tree (kept out from Christmas to try for other holidays), and my heart ornaments mostly filled it. The close-up of the lidded jar on the rgt is in my first post.

Small touches in a few places.....

I just added roses to this vignette that's on my small counter between the fridge and kitchen window.

Some flowers and rose petals to the family photo table in the family-room next to the fireplace.

Again, some flowers and a heart ornament to the lantern thing on the back hall bookcase. I see I had forgotten to add a bow on the Bunny, meant to do that before I took the photo.

Another flower arrangement and bow for bunny on end table in family-room.

A little pink vignette....

See that pretty Valentine card above? Well I got one very BIG surprise in today's mail. A box FULL of beautiful things along with this card, from our dear sweet Janet. She sent me the loveliest little Cherub tea set! I nearly cried when I opened that box. With all that Janet is going thru in her life, she never fails to call me and see how I'm doing several times a month. And now this wonderful surprise. She has the biggest heart, and is such a dear friend I've grown to love from knowing her here.

(Behind the teapot are a pair of napkin rings, a napkin holder, and an S&P set.) Isn't this delightful !!

(Janet, thank you sooo very much. I love it. Felt like Christmas in Feb.)

Lastly Teegan had to put on her 'Christmas plaid' just so she could look better with her Valentine things. She enjoys my stuffed animals so luckily I had a little Val. bear for her. I fixed her tiny vase of roses 'n baby's breath, gave her a ceramic Valentine trinket box, and put a glass heart ornament in a little cloche I fixed for her.

hugs, Karen

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Wow! You've done a ton of things. I like it all.

I didn't remember your chandy from last year. I REALLY, REALLY like it. I especially love the big crystal hanging from the center. It looks so cool. That's a touch you should repeat year after year.

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Karen, this is all Wonderful!!! Pretty sparklin chandy and the crystal heart is beautiful. Bay window is delightful. That's the cutest bunny and it looks great with the decorted candle and picture. Love that candle holder too! Your tree is super all decorated with hearts. Glad you kept it out to celebrated VDay with.

White counter display is neat with the red roses and pm. Bet your family will appreciate the photo table you displayed. Neat! Another adorable bunny with your lantern and roses. So pretty.

Books, bunnies and flowers! Who could ask for more.Wow You have so many neat bunnies and I love it that you decorate with them for the different holidays. Love the pink vignette for a change.

Janet's Cherub tea set she sent you is gorgeous. How thoughtful of her when things are so tough for her right now. Friends are the best!

Teegan must of been a very good girl to get a table cover on this one. She's so cute. Love her little cloche, bear, flowers and trinket box.

This was great and now I want to see the rest.


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Oh boy ...don't know where to begin, PM! Everything looks great for V-day! Chandie is so the crystal heart hanging there, too.

But I really, really love how you use your beautiful bunnies! Love all of these 3 with their charming features & a bit of added Val-bling! Cute! And I esp like how you grouped that bunny casserole on your kitchen counter! I love that pc!

You have been busy & know that you've been motivated by some of the Holiday-ers here am glad to see your pretty Val decor! Janet's gifts are precious ... a perfect fit for you! And, Teegan, well, her teddy is a great match w/her hair & her tray'scape is delightful! Even a lil' vase of roses! ;-) TFS, PM...enjoyed this all! Jeanne S.

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So good to see you are having fun with Teegan! She looks thrilled to be part of the Valentine's celebration! I didn't realize that you and I had the same big bunny--the tall one in your window.

That cupid tea set Janet sent you is so perfect. Are you going to find a place for it in your sitting room? It looks so sweet. Yes, Janet is such a sweet person and so thoughtful in spite of the difficult time she's having right now. Bet it made her feel so good sending this off to you and waiting for your reaction!

Your ornament holder looks wonderful for Valentine's. You should be able to use it for lots of the holidays this year.

I'm so impressed with all your decorating. Guess I need to get a few things pulled out and decorate a bit too--thanks for motivating me with your lovely pictures.


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Love, love, love it, Karen
Your chandy, looks so pretty all sparkly.
The little Valentine tree and Bunny are perfect in the Bay Window. I hope Trouble will leave them alone!!
I'm glad you included so many bunnies in your Valentine Decor.
Your family photo table is wonderful....Valentine's Day IS about love.
I think the tea Set Janet sent your is perfect, such a thoughtful thing to do.
Teegan is such a sweetie!! I know she likes being part of the activities, just like her friends Dollbaby and TJ do. LOL

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Oops meant to say...I think the Tea Set Janet sent you is perfect..

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I'll start with the bunnies. I have a few but I never thought of using them through out the year. That one in your kitchen window with the LONG PINK EARS is just the "bomb".

You have given me some ideas about my metal Christmas trees too. You really are GOOD!!!

Love the big heart, I think it would just stay there all the time. You have so much love in your home, it just fits.

Love family photos. That's one thing I haven't done in the "new" room is put out some old pictures. Another reminder..

How sweet of Janet to take the time to think of and send the tea set to you. She has a lot going on now. Bless her!!

It's all just lovely!!


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Marlene Kindred

You have been BUSY! LOVE your bunnies, your ornament tree and your! Teagan looks beautiful in her red plaid dress too and Janet is a dear for sending such a cute tea it all!

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Luvs, the big bunny in bay window that's like yours was a find at Brass Armadillo last year or year before. And if my decorating can motivate you, that is wonderful. Heaven knows "it took a village" (here) to get me going this time!

Creek, I have so many big bunnies that are out all year, except for Christmas, I figured I may as well start decorating them for the other holidays. I'm way over the top with my collectibles. The statues of bunnies, horses, and of course Whippets/Greyhounds, are all over the house.
Don't laugh, but most of the family photos on my little round table are in Arthur Court Rabbit frames! (You can use the zoom feature on Photobucket to see them close-up.) When I got that little table, it seemed a perfect place to combine my family pix and my bunny frames at the same time.
I usually move the photos when decorating for holidays but this time just added Val. touches.

There was SO much I DIDN'T do this year. Like the family-room mantel, the built-in bookshelves by it, the entry way sideboard, my bathroom. But I am happy with what I did get done, and just having the kitchen/bay window area looking colorful is good for me. Thanks Gang, for all the sweet comments and kudos. Makes me feel so good.

hugs, Karen

I think the big crystal heart was a Michaels find two years ago. I love it, and the way it sparkles in the chandy light or the sunlight coming thru bay window is soooo pretty.

Punk, it was certainly about time Teegan got a pretty lace "tablecloth" huh? I had forgotten I had two lace placemats in a cabinet I bought quite awhile back for decorating with.

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Karen, I agree it's nice to have some decorations for a pick me up. I wouldn't want to go to the degree I do for Christmas. I find things I've forgot to put away for a month and have no desire to keep going through that.LOL

Don't be telling me where you bought that gorgeous crystal. I don't need any more!!!haha

I never thought about using a place mat on TJ's high chair. It has a crack across the tray that DH glued but if you look close you can see it in some of the pictures. This would cover that right up. Thanks.


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