assisting an enabler

luvstocraftFebruary 25, 2011

I rec'd an email from our little Miss Jaybird. She says she's not been able to get on the forum but wanted me to be sure and let you know about a fantastic sale at Target!

Jaybird said she got some red handled silverware for $10 and they have other colors available also!

Now that's a serious enabler wouldn't you say? LOL


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Thanks, Luvs! I look at the flyer, but didn't notice it. I have red but need green!

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Bless her little baby heart. I love her! I need green too.

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Luvs, so nice of you to pass this on for J. Hope she gets her computer fixed so she can join us soon. It's below zero here so I won't be heading any where besides work until it warms up.

Kathleen and anyone else looking for colored flatware. I bought green and blue sets of Pfaltzgraff flatware at Ross for $14.99 last month. You might check there if you can't find them at Target.


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Luvs, Thank you and J and Enablers R Us for the information. I'm going to have one of my girl's check it out for me today.

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