Guidelines for mirror frame thickness

LinelleMarch 31, 2014

I've pretty much decided to have a framed mirror over my vanity (approx. 48 x 30). I can buy a custom frame online or at Michael's, take it to my local glass shop and have them install a mirror, plain or beveled, for less than anything I've seen anywhere. Plus any size and I pick the frame. Seems like the way to go, and thanks for the advice I've received here to do that (hollysprings, I think).

I will probably pick a frame in a color similar to my vanity (still to be determined, but stained wood). It doesn't have to match, just coordinate. I'm wondering about the thickness of the frame itself. I don't especially want something heavy looking, nor do I want to undersize so that it looks puny.

Any basic guidelines (min/max)?

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I guess it depends on how elaborate you want the mirror to be. If you're going for a modern minimalist look I'd keep it to one inch or less. If you want something more traditional then you can go beyond that. I'm looking at a picture I have in my living room. The frame is about 1.75 inches wide and 1.75 inches thick. It's definitely not overwhelming but it's pretty traditional. I think contemporary frames that are that thick and wide detract. When the frame is thinner it looks sleek and sophisticated. But that's just me. My "pop art" prints are all in a plane black 3/4 inch frame.

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Lotteryticket, that makes sense. I have a plain 2" wide frame on a large living room mirror and it's neither fish nor fowl. Definitely not traditional in frame styling but a little too wide and heavy to be sleek. Now I understand why. It's okay, but next time I'll know better.

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