How do I remove laundry detergent smell from sheets?

peabody1January 25, 2013

I currently use a laundry detergent that has no perfumes in it. I have asthma. I was going through my linen closet and found some pillow cases that I had used and washed prior to having asthma. I had used a regular laundry detergent with a strong smell. I would like to remove the smell from these pillow cases so I can use them. So far I have tried soaking in vinegar and washing, soaking in a product that is supposed to eliminate smells in the air and if your dog has an accident, etc.. I've also had them hanging in the garage to air for about 2 weeks. They still smell as strong as before. Suggestions?

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Try hanging them outside for a couple of days.

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Emma R,

Unfortunately where we live we can not hang things outside. I did place on a drying rack in my garage near the garage door in the sun. Also, on the screened-in front porch in the sun and fresh air. Did not work.

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I was going to suggest the vinegar--recently got a new fleece hoodie that had some sort of fragrance that wouldn't wash out--so I washed it with vinegar (instead of det.), then followed up with a wash with my non-scented detergent--worked like a charm. Shame it didn't work for you.

How about trying soaking it in water and baking soda? Couldn't hurt, and maybe that will neutralize the odor.

If all else fails, guess you'll just have to relegate them to the guest room?

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