Best Way To Dust/Clean Louvered Cabinet Doors

alameda/zone 8January 27, 2014

My kitchen has dark wood small louvered custom cabinet doors. While very attractive, they are extremely hard to clean. I have been using a toothbrush with warm water and a bit of liquid soap, drying them with a paper towel then applying Liquid Gold. This is very time consuming - but I hate it when they look the least bit dusty. Is there a better way to clean these doors?


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What you're describing sounds more like something I'd do for an occasional deep cleaning. For weekly maintenance, I'd use a hand vac or small shop vac (I have both Oreck and Shop Vac 1 gal) with a soft brush attachment, opening the doors and doing the back surfaces too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dusting brush attachment

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I agree with morz8. Unless you are getting cooking splatters on the doors, dry dusting them should be enough. The round brush attachment that comes with most vacuum cleaners works well for things like this.

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