tub vs shower in master bath reno

debinnhMarch 29, 2012

My current bathroom has a one piece tub. I am planning to update it. My bathroom is not big enough for both a tub and a shower. I really wanted a whirlpool tub and a free standing glass enclosed shower, but my room is not big enough unless I do a small tub and small shower. I am thinking of going with just a jumbo shower with a bench and steam and taking out the tub. Does anyone know if this is a common thing to do? How many people put whirlpool tub in that fits a normal tub area and regret it because it is too small to lie and soak?

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It is common and acceptable from a resale perspective if you have another tub in the house. We did the same thing. We never use the tub, have one in our guest bath and opted for a larger shower instead in our master; we love it and there's been no regrets.

I should also add that while they used to be popular, now a days in our area, a lot of people are steering away from the larger tubs because for many, they never end up getting used, as a result the return on them is now much less than it once was. Sorry if resale isn't a part of your plans in the future, I'm a Realtor and always try to consider that aspect when making improvements.

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We are building and are putting a 42"x72" shower in our master bath and a 66"x36" tub in our guest bathroom. I only want to soak in a tub four or five times a year so it wasn't worth it to us to have two tubs in our house. Just a word of warning. Larger showers require a lot more tile which can add up in cost very quickly (depending on the tile chosen). I would always choose a larger shower over a smaller one (especially one with a bench and steam).

IMO, Small Jetted bathtubs are not really that user-friendly (for regular sized or larger adults).

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I wouldn't want a small jetted bathtub. I'd much rather have a big shower. I don't know anyone who uses small bathtubs except for parents with small children.

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We have a big shower in the master bath and a Greek tub in the hall bath. The Greek is 48" long and almost 24" deep. If you have room for that in addition to the shower, you might consider it. But I would not give up a big shower if that is the price of getting a tub into that room--agree with those above.

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Thanks, ours is a three bathroom house, so there are two other full bathrooms with shower over tub setups. Lukki, yes resale is always at the back of my mind when I redo something big like this in my house. Thanks for the input!

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I am redoing a bathroom and only have room for a 60"x30/32" tub or shower. I am thinking I am going to do the combination bath and shower to have both options. It seems like a conservative choice, using space to squeeze out as many options for bathing as possible. I go back and forth between deciding for a soaking tub or a whirlpool or bath. I like the Aquatic Serenity 4, if I do go for an air tub. Not sure if others who have this tub love it or not, but it looks really nice. I just think, why not squeeze as much out of the space as possible, even if it is a small area.

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I prefer the combination shower/tubs too - there are some good ones out there that utilize 5 1/2' or 6' tubs with a wide shower area. You can shower in a tub, but you can't bathe in a shower. The presense of a tub elsewhere in the house is irrelevant unless you don't mind using that bathroom for bathing frequently, and others don't need to use it at the same time.

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FWIW, after a little hand wringing I decided to discount resale considerations, this is our only bathroom, and replace the tub with a shower.

We don't regret the decision at all - after 6 months my wife and I still remark how much we love this shower compared to a tub.

We can always have a tub installed someday if that's all that's preventing a sale. Not a big deal.

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Thanks all. My issue with a shower tub combo is I am getting tired of the gross shower liner. I really want to update my bathroom and the curtain/liner has lost its luster for me. I don't like the glass enclosed tub setup, too hard to clean.

Maybe someone could help me? I have not found a way to draw a layout online so I can play with designs. My room is 95" wide by 130" deep. On a 2D drawing, along the 'top' wall would be a large linen closet, a 54" single bowl vanity and the toilet. Along the bottom wall, across from the toilet is the 57" bath tub. On the side wall nearest the toilet, there is a 32" window about 20" off the toilet wall. On the opposite side wall is a 36" door in the lower corner. We are planning on taking the room down to the studs and starting over. To save money we would prefer to not move plumbing, especially the toilet, but will if we need to in order to have the best design. BTW, next door to the bathroom, behind the shower wall, is a similar sized walk in closet. Since it is fairly wide, there is a possibility of making it narrower and giving some space to the bathroom, if need be.
Wishlist: double sink vanity, toilet behind a privacy wall, walk in shower, whirlpool tub, linen closet. Realistic: double sink vanity and large walk in shower, toilet, linen closet.

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This may sound silly but I just used excel.

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