Pink Valentine Table

christmascandyFebruary 8, 2011

I created this tablescape on my kitchen table using mostly TS items.

The pale pink tree was a 90% off item at HL after Christmas. The rose garland on the tree was a TS find and the heart lights on the tree are Target this year.

The tin heart with the key is a TS find.

The tealight Valentine cottage is also TS, as well as the pink glass candleholder.

The Heart plate, pink plate, white charger, and pink goblet are TS treasures. The gold charger was Big Lots years ago.

The Valentine M & M's are in another TS candy dish.

The pink/white striped napkins are also TS, however, the flatware is many yrs old purchased with box top coupons.

The pink tablecloth is also TS. DH asked that I keep most of the table clear, so this is simpler than many of my tables, LOL.



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Candy, you always find the neatest things. I love the little pink Valentine house! And your little tree is delightful. The tin heart with key was a neat find too.
I sure wish I had you for a shopping buddy, LOL. Or at least some of the TS you go to.

hugs, Karen

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Pretty In Pink !!
Lovely table Candy..and I agree w/Karen - you have the neatest things.
I love that tin heart too and the pretty Valentine's Very a Gingerbread house but for VDay! Cute CP Tree with the roses and are the lights flowers too? Your stems and VDay plates are a pretty color pink. I still get amazed over how quickly you do all of this and it always looks so lovely.


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Pretty n' Pink, candy! Love the layered plates! If DH wants to keep that area clear for food, I think it would be cool to add a runner from under the tree forward down over the table edge. What do you think? (i'm just brain-stormin' & that's what crossed my mind when I saw your pink Val t'scape. Mybe a white crocheted one/ OR ANOTHER SHADE OF PINK OR RED ,,,anyway, it could draw one's eye right to your "pretty in pink" centerpc. TFS, candy! jeanne s.

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When I saw the little house in 1st pic, I thought"sugar & spice & everything nice!" As it looked like house was "sugared" Was hoping the candy would be spice drops- they probably don't even make them anymore!! A lovely setting for dinner for 2! What's on the menu? I love the garland in the little tree, sure shows how lovely ts tidbits can be when put together right!! Jan

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Candy, that little house is so sweet. The heart plates are pretty but I love the pink ones under them. What a cute tree you decorated. So pretty all lit up with your cute little heart lights and garland.

This is great to come here tonight and see two more beautiful tables.

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Came back to look again and 'saw and read' that the little lights are 'hearts'!
So - duh...that answers my ques.
I think they are so cute and just perfect for your little tree.


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That little tea lite V-Day cottage is adorable & the key & heart, you found some really cute & unique pieces for your table & TS finds at that!!!

The tree with the heart lites & rose garland is perfect & love your TS find dishes too.

I have checked our GW 3 times lately & not one thing for V-Day, unless they are getting picked over fast!!

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I love all of it, of course I do it's pink. Even so I'm totally green with envy over the little house, I adore it. The pink plates are lovely as well as the glasses. Great table.

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Pretty Pink table Candy, I especially love the pink stemware. The little cottage is adorable. It all works together wonderfully. It is great that everything was a bargain!!

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Karen, that Valentine House was one of my early TS finds many years ago.

Jane, only the hearts are lights. The garland is just the roses, I see you found that out.

Jeanne, I like the runner suggestion.

Jan, I don't always know what I will do with my TS treasures when I find them. I bought the garland last year and the tree after Christmas, and when I went to decorate the tree, the colors on the garland were just what I wanted. Dh and I always eat in front of the TV. the tables don't get used, I just enjoy creating them.

Punk & Frou, the pink plates were a set of 8 I bought at Sal. Army last summer for $3.75!!

Yachter, the tealight cottage was many yrs. ago. Since I shop many different TS's it increases my chances. The tin heart was also several yrs ago, but the dishes/linens have all been within the last year, and the heart plates were last week at ARC.

Nana, I bought the stemware last year (Jan, 2010) after Christmas when I decided to create a Valentine table because I was having the blues taking down my Christmas decor! I posted it on another forum, Karen saw it, asked me if it was OK to post here.....invited me here, and now I visit the dish section first in the TS's!! LOL

Glad you all liked it.


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Oh I love the tree! I can see using it for a spring table too! Everything is just so pretty Candy.

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I really really like those pink dishes with that raised design---so soft and pretty. The little house and heart with key were perfect finds an go great with your decorated tree. It all really looks pretty. If DH isn't going to eat there, curious as to why he asked you to use less on the table?????? Luvs

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Kath, I agree, it looks great for spring.

Luvs, he wants to have it clear for paperwork and projects.
I did have to clear it off completely for him to do his tax preparation.


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