White film on wood cabinets

turtle_1954January 4, 2011

I installed custom cabinets in 3 rooms of my home addition. They are Mable with a dark pecan stain. After the installation I cleaned them with Murphy's oil soap and then applied Weiman lemon oil. They looked good, but now have a white film over various parts of the cabinets. It comes off easy, but keeps returning. What can I do to keep it off permanently.

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I hate Murphys Oil Soap. It has a nice smell but it ruins any wood you put it on. used it on my floors, it wrecked about $10,000 worth of oak.

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Murphy's Oil is about the worst stuff you can use. I am in a rental, and the previous renters thought they were doing a favor by putting it throughout the house (my entire house is wood flooring) - it took my husband and I probably 3 weeks to get it cleaned up. We mostly just used white vinegar and water and made sure to dry it really well. I now have a new product called Tough and Tender. It works better than the white vinegar, and is used in a similar fashion, with a little water, and then make sure you dry it very well. The Tough and Tender will actually do a better job at getting through the layers of film built up from your previous products.

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