Valentine pictures Part 1

PurplemoonFebruary 2, 2012

Vintage tea cart. Its hard to see the red berries on the lamp base, but they are there over the gold ones.

The white pitcher with the birds on it I found at the antique mall a few months ago. The rose plate is one a friend just gave me, belonged to his late mother. I love the vintage look to the scene on it. (Its one of the Bradford Exchange plates, from the '80s I think.)

The small wall in back hall with my folks' portraits painted by an artist friend.

close-up of little bears and decor on the table under their portraits. The large Hershey Kiss is mercury glass like the candleholders.

Lidded jar on rgt side of bay window....

Long kitchen counter

close-up of little dessert stands. I have two Valentine bunny collectibles (Charming Tails). The little bunny in the tall stand is "Cupid" and shooting an arrow. In the small domed piece is a pair of bunnies with honey all over them and the honey pot tipped over. "Honey Bunnies". I borrowed the hershey kisses idea for them. I didn't have another bunny to use, so just stuck a rose in the other stand.

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You got into the swing of things! I'm glad you're working your way through your losses.

I've always wanted one of those big kisses. Love the little hearts on your parents' pictures.

Happy, happy Valentine's Day.

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Karen, your vintage tea cart is Beautiful. What a great find that pitcher was and love the flowers you added. The Bradford Exchange plate is gorgeous. The added red berries look great swirled around your lamp.

Wonderful job decorating to honor your parents. Beautiful group of little bears and I love your pink candle holders. Your big kiss is so pretty. So glad you posted a close up of your lidded jar. It's so cool.

Sweeeeet counter display! Domes are so neat with the cute little bunnies. Love your stacking plates. You really went all out and I'm lovin' it. Hope you didn't over do and will be able to just enjoy now. Woohoo


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Ok...the lidded jar on the right side of bay that...with the roses & lil' angel! (I haven't looked at your Part 2 yet...maybe more bay window stuff!)

Your Mom & Dad's portraits are precious...I also like the gold hearts you added in the corner of each pic!

Your tea cart is beautiful ...that lamp w/the added pretty! & the rose plate colors just work perfectly w/that lamp! Such a pretty vignette with white vase & red roses!

I always love seeing the mercury glass you've collected...pretty pink ones are a fav! & how cute to work in the 'Charming Tales' Val-bunnies! They are so sweet...thanks for posting close-ups! Cute in the dessert stands! Well, it's lookin' quite 'lovely' at your place, PM! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Hope there's a close up of your stacked plates in part II, they look really great on your counter. The big XO is great, and I love your bunnies in the covered glass stands. Neat pics of your parents and a good place to add a few decorations too. I'm off to see part II. Luvs

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YAY, Karen, I'm so glad you decorated!! so many wonderful things to see.
Your Vintage Tea cart looks lovely.
I love the portraits of your Mom and Dad. What a nice way to honor them.
The Hershey's Kiss is sweet. Please send me those candle holders.
The vignette on your kitchen counter is terrific. The little "Honey bunnies are too cute.
Love it all!!

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Karen, It's all so gorgeous, but any plate with the roses on it just jumps out to me. I collect white pitchers too.

So glad you included your Mom & Dad in your decorations. You did a great job.

Glad you are feeling well enough to get back to decorating.

Hum, I have a glass Hershey Kiss candy dish, maybe I need to go find it! Got it for hubs one year for Valentines, with the kisses in it. Course they didn't last long. He is a chocoholic.

Keep up the good work!


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Marlene Kindred

Well, I'd say you've come out of your shell my friend! LOVE the cloche/jar arrangement and your tea cart looks awesome as does your kitchen counter! Love the tiered tray and the little heart against the wall. Your parents' portraits are really nice...I'm sure you treasure them. Great job!

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You're such an inspriation to me! Loved every single thing!

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Sweet...just Sweet to see your Valentine decorations.
I think that vintage tea cart is one of my favorite pieces of yours. Let me know when you're ready to redocrate and don't need it anymore! It looks lovely with the rose plate, white pitcher and roses.
Love the pink candleholders and the cute little bears with that chocolate mercury kiss! Just looking at that creates major cravings! Your parents pictures above with the hearts is touching. Cute little bunnies and the vignettes under the domes with them are adorable.
I'm glad you showed us your stacked plates up close in your other post. This picture doesn't really show off how pretty they are. happy you got 'into it'. I think everthing is just lovely and I hope you're enjoying it.

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Yes, Jane, I am enjoying the decor and I have to thank you guys for the 'push' I needed this year to do it. I'll let you know when I tire of the teacart, should be the 12th of Never. Maybe I better rewrite my will for you. LOL. I had wanted one a long time, thanks again to this Forum of Enablers, and to finally find mine was so thrilling.

Neesie, thank you for such a sweet comment.

Creek, did you find the glass Hershey dish? I hope so.

Nana, those pink mercury candleholders were a Home Goods find about 2 yrs ago. I couldn't believe I was buying PINK at the time. LOL.

All the comments made me feel sooooo good! ;o)
hugs, Karen

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