Opinions please re one or two lights above vanity

jacdufMarch 10, 2012

We have a double sink 60" vanity with two medicine cabinets above each sink. I'm unsure whether to go with a double light above each medicine cabinet or one 41" five-light centered over the vanity. Here is a picture of the light (shown as four-light which is also an option):


The electrician is coming Monday, so need opinions as soon as possible! Thanks for your help in advance.

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Personally, my least favorite look for bathroom lighting is one long light fixture (too many years of living with those horrid Hollywood light bars, I guess) so I'd vote for two smaller fixtures centered over the medicine cabinets. Would you have space to consider using sconces instead? It's typically much more flattering to have light on either side of a mirror rather than above it. Depending on how wide your medicine cabinets are, perhaps something like these...

contemporary bathroom design by dallas kitchen and bath USI Design & Remodeling

contemporary bathroom design by portland interior designer Jason Ball Interiors, LLC

traditional bathroom design by detroit kitchen and bath Xstyles bath

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One over each sink or go with sconces as shown in the pics above.

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Treasure, those are beautiful. Do you have any idea of who makes the hanging pendants in the second picture? Stunning! Thanks.

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jacduf: Yours is not a bathroom décor question (though you frame it that way). The purpose of a light in the vanity area is to illuminate your face(s) when washing your face, applying make-up, shaving, etc. So the criterion that needs to be paramount is the answer to this question: "will the lights throw strong shadows where I do not want them"?

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@Dancingqueen... aren't those gorgeous?! According to the designer on houzz.com, they were custom made.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to more pictures and info on Houzz

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Did you notice that the picture with the hanging pendent lights also has can lights above. So I am assuming that the hanging lights aren't strong enough for the vanity location, to do the activities one does at a vanity.

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For the style you posted, I would definitely go with two separate fixtures. Also, as herring maven said, think about if you need more light than just over the vanities (if you haven't already).

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Thanks everyone for your quick thoughts. After posting I sketched out both options and right away had the same thought as treasuretheday. The one five-light option looks very dated. So I'm going with two three-lights, which will give more overall light as well. Thanks everyone!

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