Will This Tub Fit?

DCRangerMarch 28, 2012

My master bath tub area is drawn for 75 inches. This Kohler K-1457-RV, which I really like, says it needs 67 inches of width. That would leave ~4 inches of surround on the ends. I know it fits literally but do you think it will look OK? Or would I be better off with a 5ft tub. The shower and toilet areas are 3-6x5 each. I could orphan a few inches of the toilet area if I have to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler K-1457

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I think it would look just fine, especially since you've got some extra space on your width. We had a similar dilemma but our issue was whether we had enough width to accommodate the tub that I wanted.

To help you visualize, here is an in-progress pic of ours. There is 7 inches of tub deck on either end, before the raised ledges.

Picture that area reduced in half and see what you think. I'd go for it rather than compromising on a smaller tub.

Rather than centering the tub width-wise in the tub deck, you might want to consider bringing it forward a bit since you've got a really deep tub to have to step over the edge to get into. (Although, if it's an undermount tub, you could use that area to sit on to help get in safely.)

Do take a look at the clearances you'll need for your tub faucets before you're fully committed. It was a little tricky to get ours to fit where they could be reached but not be in the way of anyone sitting at that end of the tub.

Are you putting glass between your shower and tub? I think that would be beautiful and really open it up since it appears you have a window over your tub.

We'd love to see pictures as your room progresses... good luck!

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I think that will work nicely. I think the tub in the photo below has ~3-4" on either end and it looks fine to me--liked how they did the shower too. Frankly, it looks alot like your bathroom layout :-) One thing to keep in mind--even though the Kohler Portrait tub has that small extension where you can put the faucet, only use it for that purpose if the faucet is on the backside of the tub by the window. Having it centered on the open side of the tub where you get in looks pretty, but is a serious trip hazard especially as we age. Most plumbers don't receommend putting the water lines on an exterior wall, so an angled faucet install similar to the photo would be a very good alternative.

Hope this helps!

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Personally, I would try to maximize the tub size, even if that means minimal surrounding tiled tub deck. mydreamhome's tub is a great example and looks fabulous. I have a tub/shower setup with a deep soaker tub, and I have 3" on the front deck (exactly size of the bullnose trim) and it looks just perfect. I think 2" would have been fine as well. Also, if your tub is close enough to the shower wall, perhaps you can have a wall mounted tub filler. I think that might make cleaning even easier. Also, I'm not an expert on reading layouts like that, but you are taking into account the thickness of the walls in your measurements, right?

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Guys - Thanks for the vote of confidence. treasuretheday...that's gorgeous!! Good point about bringing it forward and the idea about glass. Hadn't really thought of that. We really like that tub and just heard back from our builder that it would work nicely. Yes we are factoring in the thickness of the walls. It's hard to see, but the 6ft 3in is from wall to wall.

mydreamhome, thanks for the pics. That really helps me visualize. Think we're good ...one decision down and a thousand to go:)

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