Will super white look good on all interior doors?

janesylviaMarch 1, 2013

I am going to have all interior doors changed. Which would look better for the 2 panel moulding doors, door casing, and crown molding, super white or simply white? Will super white color on door look too sharp? How about baseboard? Does it need to be consistent with door, door casing and crown molding color? Is it fine that door is simply white but the casing is super white?

My vinyl double pane patio door and window casing were painted super white by the seller.

Thank you very much.

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I have Super White in my bathroom. It is really a cool white, almost sterile. I would call it Surgical White if I was naming it ;) It is next to my Bunny Gray which is a really cool gray color too, bluish undertones. It is whiter than my Kohler white cast iron tub and my very white ceramic tiles.

If you haven't done so, paint up a sample of the Simply White and hold it next to your Super White, and your other wall colors. For me, the Super White is too white for my house. But the bathroom worked out great, because it is all white and light grays and a blackish gray floor.

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I personallt love super white on moldings. I think it makes the molding "pop". We used decorator white when we originally moved in and I was so unhappy. I thought the moldings (crown, baseboard and door
s) didnt look crisp. Since then we have repainted with super white and love it.

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I have white on all doors and moldings. My apartment i minimalist and contemporary, light yellow paint and white ceilings, so white doors and moldings work well.

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I used BM Super White on my bathroom ceiling, doors and trim. I am very happy with the way it looks.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Enduring, I agree that super white would look good in bathroom, but it might be too white for all the other interior doors, which I have 10 in all. I'm afraid the bedroom doors would not look welcoming in that color.

Motherof3inct, I agree with you that baseboard and crown molding look good in super white which makes them pop. How about bedroom doors and casing? Would interior doors and casing better to have the same color (cannot door simply white, casing super white?) ?

newyorking, is your color white or super white?

Fripp_07. I think the super white should look great in bathrooms. How about your other interior doors (especially bedrooms), trim, baseboard, and crown in the house? Are they all super white?

Really appreciate your help.

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Can anybody post up pictures? I am making this decision today/tomorrow for the painter to start on Monday!

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Kirkhall, I don't know if this is helpful, since monitors are so variable and with whites we are talking about minute changes in tones.

Here is my window trim painted in BM Super White. The tub is kohler's white cast iron. The tiles are very white. You see that the trim is even whiter:

The cabinet shown below is BM Distant Gray and the door trim is Super White. You probably wonder why I have both colors when they are supposed to be the same. Well I got caught up in looking a recipes and noticed that they were the same recipe, I think? Anyway I got the Super White at one store and I gave the cabinet maker the name of Distant Gray for the lacquer spray color. There was so much time between these to events that I couldn't remember what I was doing:)

Below, is the window before the tile went in. The cabinet is a lacquer colored to BM Distant Gray, while the trim is painted Super White:

The wall color reads a light blue. It is BM Bunny Gray. The Distant Gray is the lightest color on the strip of colors with Bunny Gray being the 3rd lightest.

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Thank you enduring! I like it! And, yes, monitors vary, but you have a variety of whites from which I can compare.
Like you, I will have a room full of whites--white Kohler tub, white subway tile, and white cabinets. But, I am liking the super white.

Do you have super white on the door to the room also? Do you find it too hard on your eyes? (I am really leaning toward super white. Our area is short on light, so I like brightness. :) )

And, what do you mean by the distant gray has the same recipe? Are they really the same color? Just 2 names?

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Kirkhall, well I can't remember how I got on the comparison of colors :?/ But there was some comparing of recipes at the Ace Hardware store where I bought the Super W., but I had a hunch they were the same before that. Just cant remember that tangent's genesis. But I think the recipes can change up a bit, depending on the base that is used.

I really didn't notice that the cabinet and trim didn't match until several days ago. I have also heard that lacquer can have a little yellow to it. Maybe that is why they don't match, besides the obvious issue that they may just be too different colors :) Anyway because of the 2 different products, I wasn't counting on the paints being an exact match.

The door is not done yet but will be done in Super W. and match the trim.

The room is 6.5x9.5, with one window that you see in the pics that faces east. I am not worried that the door will be too stark with the Super W, as the whole room has a soft glow all day long. In the spring and summer the sun will be more directly lined up with the window and shine in more, but it has never been a problem. The eve over the window gives a shadow by late AM and there are trees to help too. I love the morning sun though.

I am using a new color, off the same Bunny Gray chip, called Misty Gray to paint my 45" tall x 36" wide x 12" deep standing cupboard. This will be the 4th, 5th, or 6th white I have in the room, lol. I wanted to paint it an actual color but when I add color to the room it is too much. I can only add color in very small amounts or it looks funny. So I went with another paint that is practiaclly white but should stand out from the white tile it will stand against. It will set to the left of the toilet and when the room door is open, will be hidden, so not seen much from the kitchen. I spent 2 seconds deciding on this cupboard's color - one second thinking I'd paint it Super W. the next buying the Misty Gray. I hope I like it. Since there isn't much variety in color, I'm working with shading instead :)

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Enduring, thank you very much for sharing your pictures. Your bathroom looks very nice. I love it!

I am also going to have all my 10 interior doors replaced. What color is the other interior doors in your house?


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Oh, we have a hodgepodge of stuff going on here. The door for the kitchen to the back "hall" or porch is an old fir door with 3 inset panels below and a window in the top half. It is 31" wide. All the doors in the house are that small. There is one door that goes in between 2 rooms that is only 28". It is cute though, and is 5 paneled. This is a very plain and small old house. The last large remodel effort was made by my in-laws in the mid 70's. At that time they updated the trim and doors to the typical mahogany hollow flat door that seemed to be popular. They are still hanging, but barely. in the last 20 years our kids have pretty much wore them out:)

The door to the bathroom is a typical 2 panel door from the old days. It is fir. One side was always painted and the side to the kitchen was always vanished. I am in the midst of refinishing it and it will be in the same types of finishes. The trim I have up now in the BR is new and done by the cabinet maker. He copied the trim I had done 2 years ago in the kitchen. Both old school in style. I would love to change out all the mahogany in the living room/dining room area, but not at this time. My next project is a little room off of the kitchen where my DH has his office. It is about 9x8'. It used to be one of the 3 tiny bedrooms in this house, before the 70's remodel.

So, to answer your question, I have mostly ugly doors, and some cute old fashioned doors.

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Enduring, thank you very much for your detailed response.

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You're welcome. You stuck with these long details; they sometimes get a little long:)

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