Need to finalize cabinets Tommorow- help with Wolf AG 36" range h

JAM_SFMarch 7, 2013

I have read many posts here and gleaned valuable information, but now have to give my FINAL cabinet order by end of day tommorow and need to choose my under cabinet range hood for my new Wolf AG 36" range (6 burner) and need your expert opinions.
I have narrowed it down to the Tempest I (only 22.5 inches deep, but can add a 1100 CFM internal blower), or the Tempest II, also with added dual internal 1100 CFM blower (24 inches deep).
I like the clean lines of the Tempest. I also could get the Wolf, but it's significantly more and has rounded edges.

If you have the Tempest I or II with added 1100 CFM blower, is it powerful enough, and is it noisy? It's rated 3.5 sones at 1st speed (500 cfm), and then 8 sones at full power (1100 cfm). That seems reasonable, and I'd most likely only use it on first or second speed.
I also have an 8 ft ceiling so the Tempest I would fit under a cabinet, if I do the Tempest II I'd have to do it under trim or a panel, not enough room for a cabinet.

I called Wolf and she thought the 22.5 inch would be fine. I'm more concerned about noise at this point.

I like to stir fry and sear meats, so it does produce some grease/smoke.

thanks so much!

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