miracle sponges

ladebugzJanuary 31, 2009

Also called the magic erasers, though the store brand works fine too, these sponges are indespensible at our home. They deep clean glass top stoves, are positively awesome on pyrex, and windshields. I use them for heavy duty window cleaning. And in the shower they are second to none. They lessen the elbow grease used by at least half.

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I never thought about using them on a windshield. We live in the country so it gets pretty dirty! Especially the back windshield of my SUV.

I have several of them here but I haven't really found a use for them.

One thing I recently discovered is the Clorox Disinfectant Wipes. I've always kept them in the bathroom, and one day I tried it on the stove, countertop, and boy did the mess come out! I don't have to use 409 and paper towels anymore for deep kitchen cleaning!

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They are great for getting stainless steal sinks shiny and bright.

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I could not live without them I have a glass top stove and use them to get stuff that gets burnt on off it does a great job!!

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I love miracle sponges! Magic Eraser is the best. I use it to whiten the bathtubs and also to erase marks from walls. Love it!

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