Inspriation Needed - Beadboard / Colors

dcwesleyMarch 15, 2013

I am looking for some great inspiration photos in two areas -

First - I am planning on using beadboard between the vanity and shower, in the water closet, and the entry into the bathroom. I am trying to envision "stain beadboard - paint above" vs "paint both same color" vs "paint color 1 and color 2" vs "paint beadboard white - above color."

I would also love inspiration photos for bathrooms using teal or gray-teal or gray-blue or gray-green.

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My - WONDERFUL!!! I had never heard of Houz. Thank you for all of thoe photos AND the lead to Houz.

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You're welcome! You've probably already found it but I corrected the spelling in my post. I can't even tell you how many hours I've spent on looking at all of the beautiful rooms. Have fun!

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Uh Oh, Treasure, now you've opened a can of worms!

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hehehehe... I guess I'm a houzz-enabler. Or would that be a houzz-pusher?

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