How to keep / delay ice from forming in chest freezer?

eldemilaJanuary 3, 2008

I just got a smaller chest freezer, 5 cu ft. It already has that thin layer of frost around the top edge.

Was wondering if there was any tips on how you can prevent/delay the inevitable ice build up that I know will occur with the unit having to be defrosted.

I checked the web - thought maybe there was a solution one could wipe the interior with that would help keep the ice from forming but only came up with one suggestion that doesn't sound very convincing - a sugar and water mixture.

I would think that there would be something, possibly one with some salt since they use that to de-ice things, but then I'm not sure how that would effect the interior of the freezer.

Any tips you can pass along, please do.


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In searching a little more (too much time on my hands here) I found 2 products that I was wondering if anyone had heard about or used before to keep ice in the freezer from forming.

One is an anti-frost mat - shows in a regular freezer and wonder if it would work in a chest freezer. The description on one site says:

This anti-frost mat prevents the ice build up in your freezer. Don't chip and hack away at layers of ice to get to your frozen foods. Instead place the anti-frost mat on the bottom of your freezer the frost won't be given the chance to form. With no frost build up in your freezer, the anti frost mat will help minimize blockages in freezer drainage tubes that can lead to "icebergs". This great product also ends the drudgery of manual defrosing as well!

Measures 18 1/2" x 9 1/4"

The other item I see is called "MEGA FREEZE"
and description says:

MEGA FREEZE, used in home freezers, sub-zeros and cold storage areas, makes a remarkable difference. Benefits include: removes odors, colder temperatures, protection from ice buildup on stored products which maintains packaging integrity. MEGA FREEZE® allows the energy consuming defrost cycles to be reduced as well as maintenance, saving both time and money.

A safe, 100% all natural mineral proven to reduce energy use by residential freezers
Cooler temperatures
Reduce Ice Buildup
Better Tasting Ice Cubes
Eliminates Stale Odors
Uses No Electricity
Lasts for Years
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Made in the U.S.A.

MEGA FREEZE®, used in home freezers solves a major problem with freezers and subzeros where warm, humid air constantly being introduced when the door is open and when new, warm products are brought in for storage. With MEGA FREEZE® there is a remarkable difference year round.

NO ICE OR SNOW BUILD-UP ON PRODUCTS OR EQUIPMENT: MEGA FREEZE® uses advanced desiccant dehumidifier technology to reduce frost accumulation by removing the moisture from the air before it can accumulate as ice on evaporator coils and refrigerator freezer surfaces. It also eliminates stale odors and the snow and ice build-up on stored products.

COLDER TEMPERATURES: When moisture has been removed and the air is dry, it becomes easier and more efficient to cool. Temperatures will drop to thermostat settings so compressors work less.

ENERGY SAVINGS: Defrost cycles can be shortened and the interval between defrost cycles can be extended, saving compressor run time. This not only saves electricity, but extends the life of your home refrigerator.

Use MEGA FREEZE® and you will protect against cross transference of odors and provide an ideal environment in your refrigerator freezer. You will experience crisper, cleaner air, less odors, colder temperatures and reduced energy costs.

MEGA FREEZE® is a blend of 100% all natural minerals blended to enhance your refrigerator freezer storage. It comes in a breathable bag encased in aluminum or plastic. This filter unit requires no electricity and has no moving parts.

MEGA FREEZE® will last for a years when maintained properly. To rejuvenate your Mega Freeze unit you simply place in the outside in the sun for eight hours every four to six months, or place unit in the oven and heat at 200 degrees for one hour to dry out. All Humidaway products come with a 30-day, money back guarantee.

Anyone know about either of these items, and whether they actually work, or would even work in a chest freezer?


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I can't speak to whether these products work, but the less time the freezer is open, the less frost you will get.

You might try cross-posting on the appliance forum.

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Hmm my freezer is not open much at all and there is frost a good 2" thick.

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Kepp your freezer as full as possible (less air space=less moisture to condense and form ice) and avoid keeping the lid open (organize frozen foods so you don't have to rummage around looking for things). I have a chest freezer in my basement and I defrost it once a year.

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"Frost-free" freezers have a drain, usually in some obscure place, and if the inside-the-freezer end of this drain becomes obstructed frost or ice will build up.

Consider jannie's suggestions above. Back before the days of "self-defrosting" and "frost-free" we were advised by magazine articles to keep empty areas of the freezer filled with empty milk cartons to reduce opportunities for atmospheric moisture to get in. I often wondered if that really worked in practice, It made good classroom sense.

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Perhaps the gasket is not providing a tight seal and allowing moisture in...or perhaps yoiu have things in the freezer that are not properly wrapped and are leaking moisture.
For a freezer that is not part of a refrigerator, I much prefer NON-self defrosting.
Linda C

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Reduce what causes it in the first place.

1. Frost is quickly produced when the door is open and warm moist air rushes in. Where is the freezer located - in a damp basement, humid garage, next to the room humidifier you use in the winter, in a laundry room where the air gets moist from doing laundry or wet laundry hanging on drying racks???

2. Frost is also produced by poorly-packaged foods. Tossing in a box of frozen food will result in any moisture locked between the box and the packaged food inside to transfer to the freezer. If the boxed food has also absorbed moisture from thawing and refreezing while it was in your grocery cart and the trip home, it will also be warm when the contents are placed in the freezer and the moisture will transfer to the freezer. I remove food from the grocery store packaging, vacuum seal it with a FoodSaver, and then place it in the freezer. Boxes are a waste of space. Moisture in food migrates from the food to the air. Air-tight storage, such as vacuum sealing, will help cut down on moisture migration from foods. Putting hot/warm foods in the freezer will also be a source for frost. That plastic container of hot/warm soup will quickly have moisture transfering from it to the freezer.

3. Is your freezer at 0°F or colder?

4. As others mentioned, check the gasket, wash it or replace it if necessary.


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Thanks for all the input. All the things you all mentioned to look for, all are okay. This is practically a new freezer, all gaskets and seals are tight, etc. etc.

Being this is a manual defrost, it's inevitable this will one day need to be defrosted. I was just looking for a way to delay the inevitable a little longer than usual.

I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm in a high humidity area - Miami, FL - need I say more? The unit is actually in my kitchen, though temporarily. Eventually it will go elsewhere.

I'm thinking about trying the MEGAFREEZER that I mentioned above - neither product can I find any type of customer reviews, but this to me may be better than the alternative. Hard to find this but was able to do so via the net. Guess it can't hurt, and who knows, maybe it will work for what I want.

If anyone does find a solution, meaning something you would use when you wipe the interior down that would help keep the ice at bay a little longer than normal, do please post it


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I used a product called "Frost Free" for years. It can be purchased at #026052Frost Free. Set of 2 for $10.50. You just spray it on and wait a few minutes for the frost to melt and wipe it dry. I always used it to prevent the ice from forming after defrosting. To make quick work of a full defrost I used to use my Steam Buggy Steamer which I was fooled into buying on a infomercial. It doesn't clean anything but I did use it for the freezer and it does take carpet depressions out very well. I think this is the type of product you are looking for.

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Thanks eteinne! Going to look in to that stuff a little more, looked at the site, seems they are backordered for now. Trying to find a little more info on it, as to how, after using it does it help keep the frost from forming quicker than usual - or can you tell me that first hand?

I saw a mention of using a vinegar and water mix, that that would do the same thing - have you heard of this before? Another site mentioned, after cleaning, spray the inside with Pam and the ice will just slide off when you go to clean it again. Last, I found something that seems to be similar, with a great review, but only available in the UK it seems :( Link is below.

Either way, the Frost Free seems to be a great product to get the frost/ice off - will be great if it keeps it at bay as well.

Thanks again!

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The product from the UK looks like the same product but Frost Free is a pump spray. I still have a bottle and the main ingrediant is Isopropanyl alcohol. Regular rubbing alcohol is Isopropyl alcohol. I don't know what the dif. is between the two. Frost Free does retard ice from building up. Years ago I owned a hair salon and I had an undercounter fridge with one of those small freezer compartment which held 4 ice cube trays. Those freezers are not well sealed and with the opening and closing of the door many times a day light frost would build up beneath the freezer which was inside of the fridge. I used to spray it once a week and that took care of it until I made the help throw out all of their rotten food and turn it off to clean it once a month. The freezer took no time at all.

I don't think I would use Pam I would just try to prevent ice build up in the first place. I don't think vinegar and water would do anything as all you are adding mixing the two is adding water to acid. You would just be adding more moisture to the freezer.

When Home Trends has Frost Free in stock give it a try.

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Keep "husbands" from looking in the freezer, leaving everything topsy/turvy and lid propped up on food pkgs!

Yes, this morning I discovered the chest freezer lid not all the way down. Sure enough, wire baskets were out of place full of food keeping the lid from closing good. Last night hubby prowled in the freezer looking for desserts!!


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I had visited a relative earlier this summer and he raved about how much he liked his anti-frost mat, (They actually work) but could not recall where he purchased them (through an mail order company). He said he really wanted to find them. Tonight my sister and I were discussing frezzer build up and I thought why not look online right now for them...It took a while, but I found a site.

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Does anyone have any experience with the MegaFreeze product and where and how do you go about purchasing some? You would think that hey would make it l a little more available if they hoped to sell their product. I have been searching for several days uncusccessfully for a retailer or distributor. Also, do the Freeze mats work and how many of them do you need in an upright freezer, one or one for each shelf? Thaks,


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