More Valentine Decor

phonegirlFebruary 4, 2013

Here's the rest of my Valentine decorations.

Some closeups of the buffet before I added candy for Jane.LOL This candle reads 'Home is where your story

This candle reads 'To be loved is to live forecer in someone's heart. They are flameless and I forgot to
turn them on for pictures.Oppsie

Hope your ready for more Valentine decor tonight.

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Wow Punk, looks like the Energizer Bunny has been at it again.
The china cabinet looks so festive. I love the over sized valentine cards and sparkly hearts.
TJ looks adorable as usual. Her pink sunglasses are too cute.
Your whimsical valentine clown is cool. He looks ready for a party.
The red and white roses look pretty in your wonderful red vase.
Thank you for the close up over the buffet. I love the cherubs. My favorite is the one sitting on the hands.
I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your Valentine decor!!

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Wow Punk...Nana beat me to I was looking at your
pictures...I thought the same thing 'Energizer Bunny At Work again!! lol
China cabinet is looking so festive with so many pretty
V Day decos. Love the vintage cards...always my favorite
to see at Valentines Day, and your candles with the sayings are really neat.
I'll bet your DGD must love visiting your home..with so many pretty
decorations to look at. Just think of all the
wonderful - happy memories of DGM's place you're
giving her!

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Nana, that clown was one of my favorites for years. I should have a lg green witch for Halloween and some for St Paddy's, Easter and Christmas. Will have to go throught all of them and see what I have. I had saved them to cut out of wood and paint.

Jane, DGD loves all my decorations and dishes but what she is really into is gymnastics. I'm woking out so I can join her on her horizontal gymnastic bar. I do the monkey bars with her at school but need to do more in the winter months. What we do for DGKids.LOL

Thanks Nana and Jane for the sweet comments.


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All those hearts ... love them with your china cabinet! & the super big cutouts are so cool! Love the pink polka dots & the brown & pink stripes on those dishes ...reminds me I have a polka dot plate & cup somewhere!

TJ looks ready for the celebration! Cool glasses!

Gymnastics horizontal bar ...& you laughed when I saw your pic long ago & called you a 'cheerleader!' Go for it, punk! Awesome! TFS sharing all this Valentine cheer! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

You have been one busy lady! So many great things...I love browsing all of the decor here since I'm living vicariously through you all this Valentine's.

Everything looks great!

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Jeanne and Marlene, thanks so much for the comments.
Did you find your polka dot plate & cup? I sure hope
I find my large flowered plates I used on my cancer
awareness table. I checked my sock drawer and I
didn't store them in there for safe keeping!haha

I know Jeanne, me on the Gymnastics horizontal bar!
Should I stick with being a 'cheerleader?' Maybe it's
not to late to rethink this.LOL


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Hearts, Hearts, and more Hearts. Explosion of love and fun at your house!

Yep, I'd rethink the gymnastics if I were you. I do believe grandmothers should be the head cheerleader!

hugs, Karen

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