Granite overhanging undermount tub

jewelisfabulousMarch 6, 2014

Our granite fabricator wants the lip of the granite slab surrounding our undermount tub to slightly hang over the tub edge. He says that it will help splashed up water to fall back into the tub. Otherwise, he says water will sit on the tub lip, slide back, and get past the layer of silicon bead waterproofing on the underside of the granite. He is concerned with making sure water doesn't get to the framing and plywood supports under the tub.

However, our tub has factory installed grab bars on each side by the molded arm rests. The bars only protrude 1 1/4" from the inside tub wall. It's already a bit dicey to grab the bar without our knuckles hitting against the tub wall. A granite overhang will eat up another 1/4" of that space (or more, if the fabricator doesn't watch his measurements all the way around the tub opening).

We'd much rather the fabricator back the granite away from the edge of the tub. Ideally, we'd like about an inch of the white tub lip to show all the way around (with the granite edge following the shape of the tub).

Are we fools?

Link to photo of the tub:

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Please show your granite fabricator the linked manufacturer undermount installation instructions (Figure 6, page 3) which show a slight tub reveal and no overhang.

Here is a link that might be useful: Instructions

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I love how you took the time to look up this information off the Americh website, Trebruchet ! I have printed this out to show the fabricator and my contractor.

I'm seeing a LOT of photos of undermount tubs on Houzz where the lip is showing all the way around. I wouldn't think so many designers and contractors would install this way if there was significant concern about water getting under the slab and dripping onto the framing/plywood.
I've saved those photos to show my contractor when they come to template the granite...

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You're welcome.

The nice thing about this is it switches them from arguing with you to arguing with the tub manufacturer. You can tell them this isn't your opinion, it's the opinion of the guy who made the tub.

I deviate from manufacturer's instructions very carefully and only with excellent reasons. They better come up with something better than they have so far.

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Just an update that the granite has been installed to our specifications (backed off the lip of the tub about an inch all the way around, following the tub shape). The fabricator was reluctant, but pleasant about it. I let him say his piece and assured him that while I valued his input, we really wanted to use the grab bars without banging our knuckles against an overhanging granite lip. It all looks fabulous! :)

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