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suel41452March 18, 2014

I have 2 baths, one 50 sq.ft. and a basement one on concrete 25 sq. ft.
One tile guy gave me an estimate for BOTH baths to remove vinyl sheet flooring, install floor tile (he supplies materials except grout & tile) & moving & replacing a toilet; and remove and install a vanity for a total cost of $850. However, he doesn't use epoxy grout.
So I hired another person who did the 50 sq. ft. bath. with light-colored epoxy grout.
But I wasn't happy with several things concerning the vanity install, so I decided to use the original installer for the 25 sq. ft. bath. He came over & mailed me his estimate -$600. I was shocked since originally he was only charging me $850 for both baths, and the other bath was twice as big!! Is this $600 unreasonable? He has a super good reputation, one of them my best friend and he did an amazing job.

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When two jobs can be combined, you get a discount. Small jobs are always more expensive individually. Bathrooms are tough, especially small ones. They require two days, no matter what, and you hope you can slot another customer into the afternoon of the first day while the thinset is curing. $600 is basically a half day's labor from my best tile guy, and that's for a simple pattern with not a lot of cutting or fussing.

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I don't think that's unreasonable. My DH is tiling a small bathroom, about 50 sq ft as well, and he just gave them that same price. And he is one of the more reasonably priced guys in our area. That's why he's always busy, I guess!

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