French Induction Range?

debbienp7March 26, 2012

I am looking for an French (like Lacanche) style range that has an induction top. I just called and found Lacanche does not make an induction-style range for the US market. Are there any range manufacturers with a similar styling that makes a range with an induction top for the US market?

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You might want to find out why they don't sell their induction in the U.S. If it's U.L. approval, you might be able to direct import it. You'd have to get clearance from your local zoning and your insurance, but it can be done sometimes. If it's wiring, you could talk to them. The difference in frequency (50 vs. 60 Hz.) shouldn't affect the inductors, just the timers. There may be other issues entirely, however.

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Darn, I was hoping someone might know of something similar with an induction cooktop. Thanks for the suggestion plllog, but that sounds like too much hassle to go through to try to get approval for a European model Lacanche. I'll just have to figure something else out.

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You can also build your own if you can find a 36" cooktop and oven that will work together. Have a surround built for them that has the look you want.

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Do you have any links to photos of examples of this? I can't really picture a surround. Thanks for the idea!

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Wy would you want an induction range? Is gas not a possibility? Having grown up on a standard electric range and having used induction and gas , I would never have anything but gas. The control and speed of adjustment are vastly superior.

If you have never used gas and are afraid of using it, the learning curve is short and very much worth it. We all went through it once too - LOL!

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mainedr, while you are dragging up old threads, you should drag up the ones that show you are way in the minority as far as preferring gas over induction. Some do prefer gas, but the only advantages I can see are no learning curve (less that even resistive electric), the few items that require direct flame, and the better wok cooking. Some would also like the cosmetics of the gas range. Saying goodbye to the Viking gas, getting induction -- faster to heat, faster response to decreased power, 60% less heat dumped into the kitchen, much easier to clean, "low" power levels that few gas ranges can reach.

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The best restaurants in the world do not use gas anymore, especially any new construction like Dinner in London.
Your insurance carrier will give a written OK for a CE(European equivalent) certified appliance with a licensed electrician doing the installation. You would save quite a bit doing your own Lacanche importation. It would require some extra steps. I wouldn't go with the Viking induction range.

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Better money wise to install a Lacanche gas burners range by itself.Then later on buy a US sold separate induction cooktop and install on the counter nearby if you have enough room. That gives you two salable items in the future if they start importing the configuration you prefer. Also removes servicing complications when some work might be needed on either one.

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I don't think this is exactly what you're looking for, but I'm in love with it and thought you might want to take a look. It's La Cornue W induction table.

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> The best restaurants in the world do not use gas anymore

Sorry, but that simply is not true. Some of the world's best restaurants use induction as part of their cooking equipment.

Dinner does not use 100% induction - it has a gas rotisserie, a charcoal oven/broiler, electric french tops and salamander, etc. The commercial induction cooktops at Dinner are also vastly different from what you can get at home - 6KW per element.

As to importing an induction cooktop or range, that sounds great right up to the point where something fails and you need service.

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You can buy commercial induction cooktops for 20k from Electrolux. Yes, if you want something that is not thhe simplest and most available mmore personal responsibility for its care will be necessary. A consideration part of all choices in life and a cost with benefits for some, like me.

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