cleaning a black granite sink

debpoll9January 25, 2008

I am new to this forum and after enjoying scrolling through tips can anyone help me with a constant problem. I have a composit black granite sink and drainer which after only 12 months has a constant white haze on it. It only looks clean when wet and I have tried everything ! It looks dirty with the white film and if only I could get it to look how it does when wet I would be very happy.

Any ideas out there ??????????????

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What kind of water runs through it? Hard water may be leaving deposits.Granite can be professionally buffed out to remove any stains.Then you gan have it professionally sealed.Then,you need to be careful to clean it with either a cleaner made for granite,or a mild solution of soap and water.Anything harsher will compromise the finish and you will need to have it rebuffed again.Gel-Gloss is a good cleaner that leaves a protective coating after each use.good luck.

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Thanks to my hairdresser I have finally found a solution ! To anyone else out there who has this problem.......... wipe all over using baby oil on a soft cloth and it comes up like new. You will need to do this once a week. It looks amazing !

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My sister and I both have black composite granite sinks (this is my second one - loved the one in my last house so much I put one in this house when I bought) Anyway, my sister complains about the white haze, but I've never had a problem. I always figured her problem was soap residue since she has a drain rack in one half of her sink and lets dishes dry in there and I put almost everything in the dishwasher, and what I don't I put away as soon as I wash - and then rinse out the sink.

I'm glad to hear of the baby oil solution. I'll pass that on to sis.

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I have a black granite sink and had the same problem. I called Swanstone the manufacturer of my sink for cleaning instructions. I was told on a regular basis clean the sink with dish washing detergent (Dawn). For water spots use white vinegar and to deep clean us Magic Eraser. To restore the luster use Orange Glo. I have used the Magic eraser and it works like magic. The Orange Glo really shines the sink. No more Haze!!!

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Wouldn't baby oil leave your dishes greasy and oily?

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I use mineral oil on mine and it looks great

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I have a black granite sink by Blanco. It has a constant white haze except when it is wet. It has been driving me crazy so I googled the problem and came up with this site. I did not have any baby oil or mineral oil, but I did have a bottle of Avon Skin So Soft. I sprayed it on and wiped it with a paper towel and not only does the sink look brand new, but the kitchen smells great. I can't believe the solution was so simple.

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I used WD-40 on my sink and it took the haze right out and cleaned up and looks like new! Maybe the harsh chemicals takes the 'oil' out of the granite composite and maybe the sink needs to be 're-oiled' every so often? I don't know, but it looks great!

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I use a Magic Eraser on mine and follow up with a stainless steel spray that contains oil. My sink looks brand new and perfect. I don't fill my sink with water to washi dishes in it, so I'm not worried about the oil.

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I have spent money on granite cleaneres, so glad I found this website, the baby oil works great. I have a black granite sink that has had a white film on it and when I used the baby oil, it has been over a day now and my sink looks great. I have a diswasher, so I don't know anything about making your dishes oily, but if it was me & I washed dishes in my sink I would use Dawn degreaser detergent.

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The use of Dawn is an eye-opener. Dawn is the only dish detergent I use and I've never had a problem with the white film. My sister, who does have the problem, uses another detergent. (I even use Dawn to remove grease stains in my laundry)

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Swanstone supplied me with additional information for cleaning your granite sinks since my last posting. You can use the following products on your sink: Mr. Clean eraser, Soft Scrub Gel, Us Weiman Marble Granite & Countertop polish, which is available at Wal-Mart and Target. Also I received this information from them: Granite Sink Care & Cleaning Instructions:

Everyday Cleaning:
Wash your sink using warm water, a soft cloth or non-abrasive woven nylon pad, and a non-abrasive liquid cleaner or detergent. This can be done as often as the sink is used.

Metallic Abrasions or Heavy Stains:
Wipe the sink using a soft cloth or non-abrasive woven nylon pad and a liquid scouring product. Apply the liquid scouring product sparingly and rub lightly. Repeat as necessary until sink is clean.

Hard Water, Calcium and Lime Deposits:
Wipe with a non-abrasive woven nylon pad and white vinegar. Rinse after 20 minutes.

Do Not Use:
Abrasive cleansers, abrasive scrub pads, or alkali cleaners such as ammonia.

I haven't tried them all yet, because my first posting seems to work great.

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I have the Blanco Silgranite sink. At first I loved this sink, if I had it to do over again, I would get something else. Don't get me wrong, I do like the feel of the granite, but am constantly fighting the white haze. It is embarassing when drop in company comes in my kitchen. I would not use WD40 because of the chemical residue that will be left behind and get on the dishes I feed my family on. I use the Blanco cleaner (which more than likely has ugly chemicals in it)and wipe it down with mineral oil. I am going to stop using the cleaner and start using the MR. Clean cleaner pads and the mineral oil. Thanks for the heads up.

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I had sworn off magic erasers, but had become frustrated trying to clean my silgranite sink. I had used the Blanco cleaner, but after reading the safety issues on the label, I was looking for something more clean. I used the magic eraser last night and could not believe how quickly and easily my sink cleaned up. I will continue to wipe it down with mineral oil because I love the shine. Everyone should try this method. Good Luck!!!

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I'm just curious if anyone gotten blanco to replace a sink that's still under warranty. I have tried all of the above methods, and the only thing that works temporarily is oil. I bought the sink because it was supposed to be low maintenance. I'm getting the run around from blanco, but I might push harder while I still can. I have to oil nearly everyday and my water is soft (with a water softener).

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This problem really puzzles me. I've now owned 2 black silgrnite sinks - Pegasus in my last house, Blanco in this. I have NEVER had a problem with filming and I don't take extra care to keep it spotless after every use. I do think that soap film could be an issue - and because I only use Dawn for hand washing, and never leave cleaned dishes to drain in the sink, that might be why I've been so happy with these sinks.

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Hi, I have a black pegasus granite sink and hard water. Almost immediately after installing the sink it looked white and chalky. I called pegasus and they recommended cleaning sink with 10 part water to 1 part bleach solution. Then they recommended using wood pledge! The said to read the back of the wood pledge can it is recommended for granite and stainless steel. I followed their advice and my sink looks better than brand new!!

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I think that the white film (in my case at least) is from hard water.

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hi i had a granite sink fitted and it terrible after a day it looked like white chalk all over it so my husband decided to linseed oil it on the night it was like new again only a tiny bit of this oil on a black sponge did the job its been over a week now and it still looks like new

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I've had the Blanco Silgranite sink for 3 years. I absolutely hate it! I've tried the Blanco Gel cleaner, but don't care for the chemical residue that would come from it, and other cleaners and oils. The only oil I will use is mineral oil. I've tried the magic sponge, which I don't use anywhere in my home anymore. I've tried everything that everyone here has talked about. I will start using the Dawn dish soap, I have the single bowl sink, with a plastic dish pan and plastic dish pan type liners. I wish I had gone with the black Kohler sink that my daughter in law has, she can scrub it and it always shines, never gives her a problem. I paid stupid money for this sink and won't be replacing it anytime soon! I can't go back, but can only continually try to keep this ugly thing looking better with the mineral oil. Lesson learned!

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I wash my sink with dish soap, dry it with a towel and rub vegetable oil on it with a cloth once a week and it looks great!

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Engineered or Man-Made Cast Stone: The "Black Granite" sink from Blanco isn't granite. It is synthesized from stone sand and plastic resin technologies. Contrary to widespread belief they will stain, they do fade, they do scratch, and are susceptible to heat damage. Fiberglass, plastics, and marine industry suppliers carry more specialized cleaning products for surfaces containing resins. You may use any of the following for difficult stains: Acetate, Lacquer Thinner, Rubbing Alcohol, Ammonia, Mineral Spirits, Vinegar, Formula 409, Paint Thinner. Try to first identify the stain type and then match with the appropriate chemical product for efficient removal. examples: water base, oil base, protein base, coffee and tea, juice and dye, organic, inorganic hard mineral deposits.

Safety First: As with any chemical product exercise caution and read instructions thoroughly before use, properly handle and store the chemicals safely after use and be sure to neutralize then clean-up chemical residue afterward with milder detergents intended for food-safe zones. ie: dish detergent.

Caution: When using pads, scrubs, or brushes, be careful and use light-fine abrasiveness since medium-coarse will dull the finish of engineered, man-made stone. Some cleaning products may contain abrasives which in combination with your scrubbing action may dull the surface. Wipe or squeegee the surface periodically during this process and monitor your progress to avoid further damage.

The Preferred Method: Usually a hot water pre-wash, a mild de-greasing detergent or cleaning vinegar and some scrubbing action, followed with a hot-water rinse will remove most stains.

Real Stone: Granites are not considered sensitive stones and are unlike marbles, limestones, travertines which require special consideration. Granite cleans up easily with strong de-greasers. Acids will not damage granite and will remove what de-greasers won't as well as restore lustre. Cleaning Vinegar +10%, citric acid, oxalic, sulfamic, phosphoric, muriats, etc. A medium to coarse scrub brush will help facilitate the cleaning process. Always rinse well after any cleaning process. Seal your newly cleaned and completely dry granite with a top quality sealer so that water will bead on surface. This will help to prohibit staining formation. Liquid spray waxes buffed onto surface add an extra skin of protection and should be part of a regular cleaning program; Zep, Gel-gloss etc. These products can be added to without stripping off previous coatings. Silicone penetrating sealers and acrylic wax topcoats work better than older methods like mineral oils for example.

Best of Luck!!

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Wow! I was so surprised to read all of these problems. I installed my anthracite Silgranit sink about 6 months ago and have yet to see any haze. I do scrub my sink at least once a week because I do realize that it hides stains and just because I don't see them they are still there. I had to scrub my Kohler porcelain sink a lot more often than that because of stains and scratches. So, I am extremely satisfied and yes I use the Mineral oil after my scrub. Anyway, I followed my best friends advide on these care steps and she has had hers for 7 years and not one negative comment.
I am really surprised!

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I too am really surprised at this thread, and also I think there are some things written that need to be clarified. We love our Silgranit anthracite sink. We have slightly hard water, and no haze. The sink always looks beautiful, and in fact, sometimes I clean it just cause I feel I should, but not cause it looks dirty. I usually clean it just by swishing around a Dobie pad with a little dish soap. It is the most easy-care sink I have ever had. I will never go back to stainless steel with its scratches, water marks and dinginess. Nor enamelled cast iron with its black marks and tendency to chip and crackle.

I believe that some of the negative comments about granite composite sinks are not about the Silgranit brand. I have read elsewhere that other brands of granite composite sinks are not nearly as good as Silgranit. In addition, Blanco further refined silgranit a couple of years ago with what they called "Silgranit II". Silgranit was already a great product, but they made it even better. I will link below their press release.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Press Release about Silgranit II

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I have two Blanco Silgranite II sinks in anthracite, installed since early summer. I have super hard water and a whole house water softener. I haven't had any trouble with white chalkiness on them or visible staining. I do not scrub them, just give them a good wash down with a soapy dishcloth and rinse with hot water. I do have the Blanco cleaner but have only used it once or twice--and it wasn't because the sinks looked bad or anything. I'd buy these sinks again in a heartbeat, they look good and in my experience, they've been very easy to maintain.


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I clean my sink every week with liquid Bar Keep.
It has the white chalky haze and I attributed it to this.
I cook alot and use my sink for meats and poultry so I feel
the dishwashing soap is not enough to disenfect these areas.
No one mentions this issue so not sure if I am just being phobic or not, but will try the oils mentioned.

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Old thread but for future buyers - I also have an anthracite (black) Blanco Silgranit sink. I'm on a well so I do have some mineral deposit which appears on dishes I've left to 'let God dry'. :-)
I have pretty much zip on my sink and certainly nothing I would describe as 'white haze'. I don't oil it with anything and the only cleaner I use is either Vim (as recommended by Blanco) or simply my kitchen brush and Dawn which is my DW soap of choice.
And I am anal, so if there was a problem I would be saying so.
I'm thinking it is the water in the different posters areas that may be causing the challenges??
I absolutely LUV my sink (after a Kohler double bowl white porcelain that took constant maintenance) and would definitely get one again. And no I don't work for nor am I associated with Blanco. It's just a great sink.

HTH's future buyers.

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I have had my Blanco black sink for about 3+ years. About a year ago I thought it needed some extra cleaning just to make it shine better and be cleaner--having had no real problems though with the sink. It is a double sink, but only one side looked like it might have some dark stains. I filled that side of the sink with bleach water and let it "soak" overnight.
Ever since then I have had the white film--on The Cleaned Side, only. The "untreated" sink is still just like new. I feel I must have stripped some protective film off the one side with the bleach. I use Skin-so-Soft, but it's troublesome because I have to use it a couple times a week.

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I was using mineral oil too, but it is only temporary. The care instructions mentioned softscrub, but it did not help much. I used baking soda and and really scrubbed. My sink looks much better. I think the trick is to clean it regularly. The haze only returns in the corners where I may not be as diligent.

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Just tried cleaning sink with Palmolive dish soap and a magic eraser. Followed up with some mineral oil rubbed in with a cloth. Sink looks like new!

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I have had my black granite sink for about 5 years. I have hard water (no softener). The sink usually has rinsed dishes sitting in it for a few days before they get put into the dishwasher. The sink is in constant use. I clean the sink with Clorox Cleanup when I need to sanitize it. When I use the sink for washing dishes, I've use several kinds of dish detergent. The sink does get "dull" looking, so every couple of months or so I clean the sink really well, dry it and the use either vegetable, olive or canola oil to season it. It shines like new.

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After a few weeks, we were ready to rip our granite sink out and go back to the conventional sinks. The white film was so ugly and we were not able to clean it off with conventional cleaners. Our daughter had heard of the "Miracle Cure" of using every day cooking oil (we use Kirkland from Costco). What a simple solution and it add's a lustre that is better than new. We have found it necessary to wipe down with generous amounts of oil, let it sit for a while, then wipe off with paper towels. We find it requires redoing every 2-3 weeks depending on how often we use our sink. I can't find a better way that gives us more pleasant results than using a simple kitchen cooking oil. Try it and I think you will also be very happy with the result. Our sink was near new when we first discovered this cure. I'm not sure if you can get the same results from older granite sinks. Good luck, Jack

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I have run into the same problems as the rest of you with my granite sink. The gentleman that worked on our kitchen remodeling suggested using vegetable oil after washing with Dawn soap and drying out the sink. It works great. Since vegetable oil is edible, I don't have to worry about having it get on food I'm preparing.

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I was also having the same problem with this sink. I am now using the Magic Eraser and then follow up using a few drops of Bamboo Oil which is for bamboo cutting boards and utensils. It is nontoxic, biodegradable and unscented. Very safe when coming in contact with food. Find it at specialty cooking supply stores and the result is amazing.

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Granite is a stone substance in the igneous rock family. The textures often have natural shapes and designs. Granite naturally comes in various shades of color including black. A black granite sink does not only add beauty to the room, additionally it is heat resistant. The natural stone also prevents damage from slicing and stains. Cleaning a black granite sink is important to preserve the beauty and shine. Trapping dust or food particles around the drain or stuck on the basin is common. Clean the sink at least once a month.

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My black granite sink is composite. I clean it with a paste of water and baking soda per manufacturers instructions. Will try oiling it next time as well and see if it looks better.

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I am so glad I found this post! After enduring 5 months of kitchen remodeling, I was so happy with my black granite composite sink, but after only three months, it had a dull haze that drove me INSANE! I only use Dawn and do not wash dishes in the sink (I use a dishwasher). I have cleaned and cleaned but nothing worked. Finally, I found this post and used Dawn with hot water, dried with a paper towel and applied a light coating of olive oil also with a paper towel. It looks better than the first day it was installed. I don't know how long the shine will last, but I don't care. Now I know I have a quick solution that is not harmful.

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You will all thank me for this note!!! ;-)
I found Lemi Shine for my dishwasher. My flatware, plates and glasses looked horrible with the hard water and my really expensive dishwasher. I used it and they look fantastic!! So, I decided to try it on my sink, black granite that was white/grey and cloudy. I mixed about 2 T. of Lemi Shine with 2-3 cups of hot water and let it sit in the sink, while wiping the sides. It looks brand new!!!!!

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I have a Blanco black Silgranit Sink. I am on a well. We were getting the white stains and build up on our black sink (from minerals in the water, from our dish soap and from Barkeepers Friend). I would use vinegar and mineral oil, but they would never completely get rid of the white stains, they were just hiding the stains temporarily and then the stains would come back in about a week. I finally found this forum and looked at all of the remedies that were listed here in the comments, but none of them really worked. The one remedy I hadn't tried yet was the Target Brand Up and Up Magic Erasers. So...I decided to give the Magic Erasers a shot.

I purchased the Target Brand Up and Up Magic Erasers and I soaked one in water and squeezed out the water so it was still wet, but not dripping wet. Then, I started with the bottom of the sink were the major white staining was. I scrubbed lightly in a circular motion, then in a linear motion and the stains appeared to get lighter. Then, I applied a little more pressure and continued to scrub the stains. The more I scrubbed the stains with the Magic Eraser, the lighter the stains got until they finally disappeared! Then, I started on the white stains around the faucet and soap dispenser. Within a few minutes of scrubbing, those white stains disappeared as well.

Because of Target Brand Up and Up Magic Erasers and this Gardenweb forum, my black Silgranit sink looks like new again...for the first time in three years!

My recommendation, for anyone that has this problem, is to skip all of the other suggested solutions and try the Magic Erasers first...the Magic Eraser is really the only solution.

By using the Magic Erasers, I don't need to use mineral oil on my sink anymore. I still use mineral oil if I want to give the sink more of a shine, but I don't have to in order to hide the white stains anymore...because I don't have anymore white stains after using the Magic Erasers.

If I do see white stains gradually appearing again...I take out the Magic Eraser...dip it in water...squeeze out the excess water and I lightly scrub the white residue or stain until it is gone (which takes about a minute or two).

Thanks again to the people here that suggested the Target Brand Up and Up Magic Erasers...they really work and now my black Silgranit sink looks like new again.

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I have a black granite sink and it would show some water streaks and such but I clean it really well and then give it a coat of granite sealer and that keeps it clean for about 2 months when I repeat the process.

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I've read this thread with interest, as our black Schock Houzer sink was installed today.

My concern with using a Magic Eraser is that it's basically just a very fine grit sandpaper. If your sink has any sort of protective layer on it, either from the manufacturer or self-created, you may lose it over time.

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Last night I rubbed OLIVE OIL all over my brown granite sink and for the first time since the installation about 2 months ago, it looks great.

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In think you are experiencing white film on your sink because of the soapy solution you use for cleaning items. I would suggest you to go for natural cleaning method. You can try to clean your black granite sink with the solution of equal quantities of vinegar and lemon juice in which add only 2-3 drops of olive oil. Dip a sponge in this solution and clean the sink with it.
Good Luck

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I have tried all the above, nothing works but greasing the sink! I prefer to use Pam, as nothing in it is harmful...

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I just had a new black granite sink installed..Whilst my tiler was here only 5 days after it was installed, he grouted my backsplash washing his rags out in the sink. Now l have a two inch film of grout stain. Any suggestions for removing that.....I have tried soap and water and gloss cleaner but it wont move it....

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Thank goodness for this site. My sink has looked awful for 18 months with stains, white patches, white film and dull-looking. I took the advice from others; I cleaned with white vinegar, left for 20mins and rinsed. I did use a granite cleaner, which somewhat helped afterwards, however, what made the sink a WOW factor was rubbing baby oil all over. It not only has an incredible shine as if new, but the white stains have gone! My husband couldn't believe how great the sink looked. I have a new sink again!! :)

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Thank you many times over for your amazing advice about care of a black granite sink; especially about stain removal using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

We had just installed a brand new black granite sink in our kitchen in the process of a kitchen remodel, when white paint was accidentally spilled into the sink. In spite of a quick clean up, there were large whitish stains in the bottom of the new sink. I was convinced the paint had penetrated the pores of the sink and we would never be able to remove it. But, I googled cleaning a black granite sink. This site came up.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked!! Now, I'm going to use oil on the sink to protect it and make it shine.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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I love my sink, it always looks sharp. Once, after I had used it for 6 months, I thought, maybe I should Bon Ami it. Now I LOVE Bon Ami, but it left a persistent and resistant haze on my sink. I tried many things, but then went to another product I LOVE. SkinSoSoft. I applied a very light coat with an old cotton dish towel. It worked beautifully, smells good, isn't oily. Good to read the other comments, thanks.

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I have the same problem. I use PAM, it works great, looks like new for awhile...

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