Blomberg or Bosch Compact washer & dryer ?

johnnytoobadMarch 13, 2013

Looking at compact washer & dryer units, probably stackable. Max width and depth +/-24". Considering either the Blomberg or Bosch and looking for comments and/or reviews. Have seen quite a few reviews re: Bosch on this site, but not much for Blomberg ... ???

The Blomberg appears to be almost 3" less in depth and that may decide for me, as dimensions are critical.

Bosch package is a hundred more $, so price is "comparable".

I'd like to buy the Miele units, but that package well over twice as much cost as the Bosch. This W/D will be in a guest house with very limited use/year. However, the guest house is rented some, and long dry times of +/- 2 hours may be an issue for guests. All three manufacturers are telling me 40 to 70 mins dry times.

I do not want to consider the All-In-One or Combo models.

Thanks in advance, cheers, John

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The Bloomberg are entry level basic bare bones Samsung made in South Korea. Pretty much the same as the Maytag 24"

The Bosch are made in Germany.

The Asko is the only washing machine that gets to near boiling temperature ,include Miele. They used to be made in Sweeden, some in stock still are but new ones made in Slovenia.

1) Asko made in Sweeden, Slovenian version?
2) Miele
3) Bosch
4) Bloomberg/Samsung/Maytag

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