Determine different mfr cooktop/oven will fit over each other?

brandonbMarch 1, 2013

Hi there,

I'm looking at an Electrolux 30" Wall Oven (EW30EW55GS) and a Bosch 30" 800 Gas Cooktop for our kitchen remodel. In our kitchen, the cooktop goes directly over the wall oven. Right now, they are both GE. Is everything pretty standard where it will fit? If not, how can I determine if they will fit together?


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You can check the required clearances, but frankly, mfrs. won't certify anything but their own brands - if you have a problem, your warranty will be void. Better to stick with the same brand or put in a range.

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I have a Bertazzoni cooktop over a Bosch oven - it's a very typical installation in Europe.
Anyway, check on the manufacturer's website for each of the appliances you're interested in: look for the installation instructions. They will detail the clearance gaps required above the oven, or beneath the cooktop. In my case, I had to raise the countertop an inch to achieve the clearance, but in existing cabinetry you might be able to lower the oven if necessary. However, you may find the gap you have is just fine.

Provided the gap meets the installation requirements of both appliances, there should be no reason for the warranty to be invalidated, so I would humbly disagree with the prior poster. If you have any doubts, call the customer service number of each appliance company and check.

As I said, this is a popular installation in Europe. I certainly can't see that Bosch would have an issue (they didn't with mine here in CT).

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You may be right sara but I wouldn't trust a verbal okay from a phone call to customer service. Manufacturers, like insurance companies, are not benevolent and they will look for excuses to weasel out of a claim. Check the warranty carefully - if something overheats and burns out, they'll be quick to pass the buck.

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Thanks for the good points. Unfortunately, the installation manual is vague. Here is what it says,

"Only certain cooktop models may be installed over certain built-in electric oven models. Approved cooktops and builtin ovens are listed by the MFG ID number and product code (see the insert sheet included in the literature package and cooktop installation instructions for dimensions)."

Looks like they don't provide any specific requirements, so it's difficult to tell.

Just curious while I'm looking at this, what are people thoughts on Bosch vs Electrolux ovens?

Electrolux EW30EW55GS (30" with wave touch)
Bosch HBL8450UC

I like the appearance and features of the Electrolux, but wondering if the Bosch is a better performing machine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Installation manual for Electrolux oven

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Omission usually means the product hasn't been tested OR approved and should be taken as NO WARRANTY !

Is that the en of the world? Nope.

The devil is in the details, if you cooktop or oven install instructions say not to install under a cooktop or over an oven, then you should probably follow the instructions - even if 10,000,000 Brits or Romans or Parisians, and Muscovites have done so. Of course you're free to do as you feel in your home with your money.

The two big issues that make this difficult are the depth o thickness of the cooktop and induction. Some induction tops not play well with ovens below them or need a few inches clearance. If those inches plus the thickness of the top less the counter thickness is greater than the space left when the oven is installed - problems.

Most ovens especially in NA don't have a design mandate to fit undercounter or Enders a cooktop.

Europe is a different story- the oven are waaaaaaay smaller to begin with, so the problem is eliminated right off the bat with most combinations. The people here are not lining up for 60 cm ovens and four burner smooth top cooktops. They want big,huge giant 30" ovens and 36" pro
Gas cooktops.

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... but to be clear, there is no induction in the OP's combination.

Electric wall ovens are made to go into cabinets. You should be able to find their clearances easily. They're insulated. I would not worry.

With a gas cooktop, figure out the dimensions and how/where the gas line comes in. You may need to allow a little more clearance for that.

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Basically, the oven instructions say there is a separate list of approved cooktops - so I'd ask customer service for the list and see what's on it. Or run over to lowes and ask for it.

Partly because this oven is taller than your current oven, there is very little room to play with. And BOTH sets of specs are silent as to what either requires as clearance and there is too much unknown. I can't tell how deep your counters are or the exact height from the bottom of the counter to the top of the cabinet bottom. So I want to caution you against relying on my interpretations of those specs.

This oven is 29" tall in the front, but 27" tall behind the cutout. The cooktop projects 3-13/16" deep below the surface of the counter. If your counter is 1-1/4" tall, then the cooktop will project into the cabinet by 2-9/16". Generally, the area above the toe kick is about 30" tall and IF that is true for your cabinets, these two may fit but they will clear each other by at most 7/16".

So, I could be reading their measurements incorrectly, your cabinets could have slightly different measurements or one or the other spec drawings could be off.

Plus what Weissman said about warranties and also whether your insurance policy would cover something installed in a manner forbidden by the oven's installation instructions should either ever cause a serious problem - like catch on fire. It's also a code violation where we live.

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You're right Colin, but are slipping , as Brandon doesn't have a pro gas rangetop either!

Like I said, it's America and you're are free to spend your money on whatever you like.

Bmore - I think you may have forgotten about the 3/4" board ( bottom of cabinet ) that is part of he 30" and the oven actually sits on? The 27" projects up from that.

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The issue is, how deep is the new cooktop and how far does the control panel go back on the oven. You then have to look at depth below the top of the counter top and from the front of the cabinet and see if clearance is an issue.

That is, if the control panel only goes 3" deep from the front of the cabinet, and the cooktop edge is 3.25" from the front of the cabinet, then there will be no interference. Say the cooktop is 3" deep but the counter top and base is 2.25" thick (2cm granite plus 3/4" plywood), then you only have to worry about whether 0.75" can clear the oven control panel, which may mean you push it a little farther back from the counter top edge.

x: the opening height does not include the 3/4" floor board.

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