Romantic table, sort of Valentine

excessfroufrouFebruary 7, 2011

Here is my Valentine table, it's more romantic than it is Valentine I think. I found the pink lacy heart plates (6) last week just in time for Valentines. The rose ones I found a few weeks back. I also found the boy and girl bust last week, they were in need of the new pearlized paint job that I gave them in a bad way, but were very inexpensive. Funny thing is years ago I had the same set in porcelain. A friend recently gave the the kitties, and she had received them years ago from an elderly friend. I had the vintage Valentines and reproductions, the poem book and the antique ring box. The pink Fostoria stems and the hand-painted salts were DM's. This table is done in excess, but I couldn't stop adding. DH bought the palms last week on sale at Lowe's for future use on our deck, but they seem to work for a Victorian back-drop.


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Frou, it's all beautiful. I love it! DM's pink Fostoria stems and the hand-painted salts are precious. Love the new rose plates with the little angels and they look wonderful on your new lacy plates.

The coffee or tea pot with cups are amazing and your palms are a perfect back drop. Sweet kitties your DF gave you for a gift. Great job repainting your busts. The Valentines, books and cp is all so pretty on your table.

So happy you found so many things to use on your table to share with us.


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Frou...this is just stunning.
First of all, I like the pretty color combination you used.
The tea/coffee set, your stemware..and new plates are just beautiful. I love both of your new plates. They're ea so different and work so well layered together.
You did a nice job on the boy/girl busts, and I like the Vintage touches you added with the Valentines and the book.
I don't think your table is done in excess..everything together made this a very lovely table.


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WOW! Beautiful, frou! luv the centerpc!,,,new plates, your DM's memories & the vintage VAL'S...AHHHH, EVERYTHING!BUST B&G LOVELY!

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Frou I don't even know where to start! This is just gorgeous!! I especially love the tea/coffee pot and cups!
And your plates...beautiful.

The softness of pink is so romantic, yet very Valentine's.
I just can't get over your setting!

The busts you repainted are wonderful. (I have a feeling I'm going to be on the hunt for one of the girl or lady ones. I keep seeing them here and on blogs, and love how they look for the holidays.)

hugs, Karen

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The little busts are darling. Your tablecloth even echos the leafy feeling of the palm fronds! Cute kitties and your rose plates worked great on this table. It all turned out really pretty--not overdone at all! Luvs

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Valentine dinner is supposed to be romantic, and yours is very romantic! I love the crochet look plates that go well with the doilies & crocheted placemats. Beautiful Nippon chocolate pot & cups!(choc. pots had short spouts, tea & coffee long ones)the apple blossom pattern on it is very romantic (I played a recording of "Don't sit under the apple tree with Any one Else But Me" at my folks 60 wedding anniversary, it was popular when they were married in 1941) so you have lots of romance on your table, the angel plates look great on top of the others,stemware, Valentines all make it perfect for romantic interlude with that someone special!! Jan

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Frou, This table is so romantic just perfect for Valentines Day!! It's wonderful that you honored your Mother by using her things. The chocolate Pot & cups are beautiful. The stemware is so pretty, and the pink handled flat ware is great. I think the ferns are the perfect backdrop. I'll be coming back to look at it over and over!! There will be something new to see each time.

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That is very pretty!! The chocolate pot and cups are beautiful!!
Thanks for posting!

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GEEPERS, i've never heard of a 'CHOCOLATE POT'...thx, gals! Learn so much here! OF COYRSE, 'chocolate' IS SO ROMANTIC! lol! beautiful!!!

frou...I just luv those palm plants ...what a perfect bkgrd! DON'T CHANGE A THING! LUV IT! jEANNE s

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WOW!!!!!!! - what a romantic setting and perfect for Valentines Day - I am liking pink more and more for a very soothing Valentines decor. I can just see the candles and hear soft piano music in the background - TFS .....


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Thanks girls. The Nippon chocolate pot and cups were my DM's also. I'm doing a red and black table for a dinner party this weekend, but my heart is really with the pink, I just don't have enough place settings in it. Karen, I'm looking for one of those large lady bust also and have only found pricey ones on the net. One will turn up sooner or later.

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I have my mother's chocolate set too. Yours is so pretty.

Those pink plates are wonderful. Normally, I'm not a pink kind of gal, but I really like those.

I don't think you overdid anything. Don't think it's possible to do too much in the Victorian Style.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

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This is beautiful! It is very Victorian and romantic.
The colors are wonderful, and everything coordinates so well. The stemware is gorgeous and the plates were a wonderful find.

Ditto to what everyone else has already said.


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