Finally getting my winter 'scape posted

milosmom_gwFebruary 29, 2012

Hello everyone!!

Hope all is well for each of you. I'm finally getting my act together and figuring out how to manage to many things into to few hours of the day.

To those who were in the path of the horrendous storms last night , praying all is alright for you and for those trying to get through it tonight to. We are very close to Branson MO which was hit awfully hard last night. So many familiar things changed probably forever :( , though thankfully no lives lost.

I've been through 2 tornados in my life and never care to do it again.

Anyways, it was 60 degrees today so a snow scape no longer seems fitting but before I packed it all away , I wanted to remember to post a few pics.

I'm hoping to lug all the St Pats day stuff from the basement in the next couple of days and have some fun for a change before another holiday slips by (I missed V-day entirely because of work).

The snowscape table....

I didn't do the side cabinet this time as I wanted to play with the new china cabinet instead. Here are the results...

and my little fatty snowman candles.. soo cute I thought.

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MM, so glad you posted your winter ts. So pretty. I really love the way you decorated your beautiful hutch. It's gorgeous with all the snowmen snowflake plates, sm candles, snow, trees and pretty goblets.

Hope you find time for a St Patricks ts. I too hope that all is safe after the tornados last night. We had a blizzard come in today but it warmed up and melted most of it later. Thank goodness I was at work during the storm.


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Oh my gosh. Your snowflake/snowmen plates are so cute. And that snowman looks as though it's part of the set. Is it? The whole thing is put together so well. You have a very nice china cabinet. I bet you'll be doing a lot more "playing" in the future. It makes for such a nice display.

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Your TS is very pretty, but I'm just drooling over your hutch! It looks fantastic. The snowman plates are so cute and you have such cute accessories to complement them.
I love it!!

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Oh, that bright blue & white ....snowmen & snowy plates!!! Oh, this is just so darn cute...your china cabinet display! Love it! Those snowmen are great accents to your plates! & those chubby candles...sweet!

Your Winter t'scape looks very 'cool' the dark t'cloth & rich blue charger plates! Snow & wind here, too...1st day of March coming in like a lion, I guess. Stay safe from the storms & so sorry to hear today of all the tornadoes...we had thunderstorms we heard while sleeping way early this morning & would never even think that a tornado could be coming! (not in Feb!) Take care, MM...Jeanne S.

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MM, Your winter TS is lovely. The blue chargers against the black tablecloth is stunning!
I love, love, love the way you decorated your new hutch,
it is a winter wonderland.
The snowman plates are so cute and the snowmen are perfect with them. The blue stems are really pretty.
We had snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain and fog yesterday
lovely, huh? So far just rain this morning.
I hope you have time to decorate for St. Patrick's Day.
Hope you can post more often, I miss you.

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MM what a lovely TS -
I like the combination of - dark blues and white along with your does give the scense of 'Winter' and is so striking.
I LOVE how you decorated your china cabinet.
The lighting in the cabinet makes it all look so dramatic.
Those snowman plates are so pretty and all your snowmen and snowy touches created such a wonderful display.
The weather's been crazy all over. We thought we were lucky this Winter with hardly any we've been getting hit all at once.
Even tho your temps are warm now, I'm glad you got to share this with us.
'On to St Pat's' !!


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