JB Friendly Village Valentine Decorated Hutch

phonegirlFebruary 7, 2014

This year I choose to use my Johnson Brothers
Friendly Village dinnerware to decorate for valentines
day. With all the snow and cold we've had what a
better choice huh?

DM's little Valentine girl vase got honors on the top shelf.
The 'Giving' plate I received from our DJane sits right
behind her. Still love that one! I've shared my heart candy
boxes I used above and also all my trees. This couple on
top usually hangs out in one of the other cabs but thought
I needed something else onthe top so brought them out and
tried it. I liked them up there, what about you?

While decorating I came across a gallon ziplock bag filled
w/red beads I had paid .25 for at a ys. When I opened it
and started taking them out, discovered they were pieces
of a red string of beads. Thus why you see I made several
hearts out of beads on these shelves.

The two "Happy Valentine's Day" signs on the sides are my
splurge at Walmart last weekend, $2.49 each!LOL

As always, thanks for looking and commenting. This is what
keeps me outta trouble!haha Stay safe and warm. Punk

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Punk....I LOVE it!
Wouldn't have thought of JBros for Valentine's Day, but you pulled it
off beautifully with the striking red plates and pretty Valentine accessories.
I like the vignette on top too with 'The Couple'...nice touch.
I'm flattered you hav the Giving Plate out with your DM's Valentine Girl
vase...so sweet.
Funny you bought the red beads and found out they were 'strings of beads'.
Clever thought turning them into hearts. I swear that china cabinet takes on such a different look ea time you change out the decos, and it's always so
Impressive...Loved what you did...
As I've mentioned before,while I'm living in limbo,
I'm 'Living Thru All Of You! Thanks...

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Jane, thanks for all of your sweet comments on my
hutch. I still watch on ebay for more of this set but
haven't splurged and bought any. Thanks to you for
sharing yours and helping me or I wouldn't have what
I do.

I feel bad that all your things are packed and you
have so much on your plate. Will be fun to have
you back sharing again. Did you keep all your

Thanks for letting me know I pulled this off! Punk

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Punk your Hutch looks fantastic.
I love that you gave your Mom's Valentine Girl and the Giving Plate from Jane the place of honor on the top shelf!!
Your Friendly Village dinner ware looks beautiful with those gorgeous red plates.
Thanks for sharing. Your post makes me smile and forget the cold for a while.

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Ohhh, punk...I love that you used your Johnson china for Val Day!! Yes, snow, cold & more snow today & colder yet! So, perfect choice!

Your china cabinet always is joy to see! I love how you used the 'reds' for the month of love! And also how you tie in the 'cone' trees ...who would have thunk, uh?

Very, very beautiful...I love the 'full shot' (last pic) & that center just looks 'gorgeous!' Happy Val Day! ~~Jeanne S.

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Nana and Jeanne, thanks for the sweet comments on my
hutch. You ladies sure know how to make a girl feel good!
Hope I haven't over loaded here the last couple of days.

Jeanne, wonderful to see you posting gf!!! Hope each day
you contiue to grow stronger and have less pain. Sending
more hugs and prayers your way.
Happy Valentines Day to all.

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Thanks, punk ~~ pain is definitely lessened & under control. I also had DH get my white dishes down from upper cabinets in kitchen & my tote for V-day, too. I can't lift over 10# for 6 weeks ~~ so, anyway, I started on the buffet ...will be posting soon, I hope! ~~hugs, Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I Love It! Serioulsy, you had DH get your dishes
down and tote to decorate for V-Day. It doesn't get much
better than that. You ROCK gf!!!

I will be watching for your decor post. Please don't over
due tho.


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Thank you, punk ... I did some Val decor for parts of 2 days ... I just posted the pics! Hope you enjoy! punk, I so enjoy all your china cabinets/buffets ...they are just such a joy how you change them out or decorate in front & on top. You're very inspiring, my cheerleader friend! ~~hugs, Jeanne S.

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You are so clever to mix your Friendly Village with other red dishes, emphasizing the red in the FV dishes, and making it work for Valentine's Day.

I love the FV pattern and consider buying a few pieces every year around the holidays. Then, I rein myself in because I have too many dishes...sigh. Your creative use of the pattern makes me desire it more, but I must resist...LOL!

The weather on Valentine's Day is so different from year to year. Some years, like this one, much of the country is still dealing with winter. Other years, we seem to have an early spring. Our temperatures are supposed to be around 80 degrees F. tomorrow.

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Jeanne, thanks for all your lovely Valentine decor you shared.
Must say I didn't expect it after you just going through surgery
but sure loved seeing it.

F2BH, I hear you on having so many dishes. I donated several
sets last year and plan on doing this every year with ones I get
a good deal at ys with. Don't think we'll ever find any of the FV
at ys tho. I talked with Jane before buying mine and ended up
finding some decent deals through Ebay.

I agree with the weather. This was the perfect year to be able
to use it. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on my
mixing this set w/red. I tried using some drk turquoise with it
and just didn't care for it at all. Was hoping it would work for
a nice change. I also thought about yellow but didn't try it.

Thanks for all the sweet comments. Keeps me thinking it's all
worth it.haha

Happy Valentine's Day.


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