candles left color spots on tablecloth

gingitJanuary 15, 2010

I was able to remove the wax but the blue coloring stayed on the tablecloth and I have run out of ideas. Here's what I have tried: soaking in Oxy and then washing. Bleach, vinegar, difference.

Any other ideas are much appreciated!

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Try putting a clean dry white cloth underneath, then gently apply a warm iron to the spots.

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Thanks, jannie. I tried but no luck. I think all the previous attempts interfered with my success...but I appreciate the tip for the next time!

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The blue coloring SHOULD come out with chlorine bleach...IF you have removed all the wax....regardless of what other things you have tried.
If it's not coming out, then you still have wax in the cloth.
Try the iron trick again....paper towel under the cloth and on top and if yous ee any spots on the paper when ironing with a fairly hot iron, you know there is still wax in there.
Linda c

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