How to clean SS interior of M/C oven?

sasafrassJanuary 27, 2009

This has to be a common problem to owners of microwave/convection and speed ovens. The interiors are largely stainless steel and when you cook or roast in them the splattering bakes on and becomes a nightmare to clean. Can anyone tell me how to clean this type of oven? Is it ok to use fumeless oven cleaner, and if not, what? Brillo is too harsh, the green scrubbers don't get it done. I'm lost.


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Boil a cup of water in the microwave, let it sit and steam for a couple of minutes to soften splatters, then wipe with a damp cloth. Might take a few times, but should work.
Kathy G in MI

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Thanks for your suggestion. Actually I have tried this, but still need to scrub hard to get the ss clean. I usually avoid using this oven for potentially messy cooking which is a shame because it does a great job using alot less energy than the big oven. Any other suggestions would greatly be appreciated. If you've used oven cleaner please comment on this.

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I would check with the manufacturer before using oven cleaner. My gut feeling is that oven cleaner is too caustic for stainless steel.

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Help, still haven't found a solution yet, thanks for the tip about oven cleaner

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I have the same problem (KitchenAid built-in convection MW). The "ceiling" especially, of my MW is horrible and very difficult to clean.

I called Whirlpool and they recommended their MW oven cleaner -- I bought it and it does nothing!

I hate to say it but I use an SOS pad. I'd rather have fine scratches then disgusting burnt on food on the walls of the mw.

BTW, Whirlpool told me that the walls were not "real" stainless steel and I shouldn't use anything abrasive -- well, if I don't it simply won't come clean.

I have also used Bon Ami with some success. I still haven't gotten the ceiling of the mw clean -- it very hard to do because the MW is deep.

Unless you have an interior made up of this fake stainless steel, you have no idea how hard it is to keep clean.

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What about Barkeeper's Friend on a sponge after softening the baked-on stuff again with water/steam?

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yes, looks like It's going to be back to the brillo, but even that doesn't get everything off and requires alot of elbow grease. Thanks.

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Magic Eraser after a steam clean as Kathy suggested. Also, Spray 9 works well to cut grease, but it does not have a pleasant odor, so cook something with cinnamon after you use it.
Also, get a cheapie plastic cover that you can put on top of your food. This will minimize the splattering.

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How about some vinegar in that water you boil in the microwave?
I also wonder about ammonia in the boiling water? No idea if it would damage the surface....but I would rather damage than dirty!
Linda c

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I have the same interior in my convection/microwave and have been frustrated as well. After reading these posts, I first boiled vinegar/water in the micro, then used Bon Ami on a rag dipped in the boiling vinegar water and to my amazement, it actually came pretty clean for the first time in 3 years!

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