spacing between wall oven and fridge

Juno_barksMarch 24, 2014

My kitchen's plan has a wall oven and refrigerator, separated by a 15-inch-wide pull out pantry. However, in looking at the Electrolux oven information, they specify a spacing of at least 20 inches!

I'm a little bit freaking out here! Is the 20+ inch spacing universal (if so, why did my architect miss it), is it advisable, and would I void my warranty if I stuck with my 15 inch spacing?

Any advice would be most welcome.

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I have no idea about the warranty, but I had my oven right next to the refrigerator (only panels in between) for years and it was never a problem.

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I just pulled up the installation manual for the Electrolux wall oven (single and double). There is no such requirement for side spacing. There is one for front spacing so you can open the door, but that's it.

Usually the only thing to look out for is clearance from the swinging frig door and the oven door handle.

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The main concern is potential interference between the oven door (when open) and the refrigerator door. You can put a nasty dent in the fridge door if someone whacks it into an open oven door. This is especially a concern with a larger family / young teenagers in the house. Refrigerator doors swing fairly wide, although 15 inches sounds like plenty of space to me.

If you're concerned, go look at your fridge in the showroom and measure how far beyond the side of the fridge the doors swing when fully open. You might be able to get a piece to limit the door swing or adjust a stop on the door, depending on the mfr. Honestly, though, with 15" I think you'll be OK.


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Great advice, I had not considered the doors hitting each other. I will sleep better tonight, thank you so much, and I'm off the the appliance store with my tape measure!

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Door collision is likely the primary concern. We have the double Thermador ovens with the big "pro" handles in a cabinet right next to the CD FD fridge and yes, the left door has the cutest little dimples - unfortunately. Even if you are very careful, the door will occasionally slip out of your hand, and then there are the kids and unwitting guests. I learned to live with the little marks in the SS as they grew into little dents, but if you can configure the space to avoid the minor problem without sacrificing your workspace, then it's worth it. However, the Thermador are really well insulated so there is no heat transfer issue with the fridge.

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