Gaggenau's Teppan Yaki - Is This a Useful Appliance?

lee676March 13, 2012

Gaggenau sells the 12" wide Teppan Yaki (at right). You cook food right on the surface. Their desciption:

"Sear hearty meats and prepare delicacies directly on the sleek, modular cooking surface. With a cooking zone composed of aluminum and other metals sandwiched by stainless steel, it resists the toughest of abrasions. Thanks to its oval shape, you can smoke, simmer or warm food with an even distribution of heat for optimal control and extraordinary results."

It looks cool, and I like Asian food this thing was meant to cook, but can I really do anything with this that can't be done with an ordinary pan or griddle on a cooktop? And despite the abrasion-resistant surface, would it be a pain to have to clean the thing up? It seems easier to throw a pan into the dishwasher.

Anyone have one of these, or a similar item from another brand?

I have the matching cooktop and grill already, for an impending kitchen renovation.

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If you have the Gaggenau CX 480 with micro inductors you can use any size or shape pan. This video shows a cooking platter similar to what you are interested in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gaggenau CX480 Induction Cooktop

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Dan's cooktop won't be here until July and will be branded Thermador.

As to the teppan yaki, I almost got the 15" one--would have if not for the price increase a few years ago. You can also use it as a warming burner along with other things. As to what you can do with a burner as opposed to a teppanyaki, a lot of that depends on what you want to do. With a teppanyaki, the bigger the better. There was a big, round one that mounts flush which I was also very tempted by, but I have the wrong kind of kitchen for it.

One thing the Vario might have going for it is even heating. There are hot spots when you have big griddles over multiple burners. A traditional teppanyaki is hottest in the middle and cooler at the edges, but I think the 12" Vario is meant to be even heat throughout. The 15" has two separately controlled burners.

At Purcell-Murray they use lemon halves to clean it. You rub the lemon all over the cooling surface to get up the crud, then clean it out. Obviously more work than something you can throw in the DW.

I do miss it now and then. I've been tempted by the round Demeyere griddle, which would work as a teppan yaki over my big double element, but I really can, with some effort, achieve what's necessary in a skillet. I do like presents, however.... :)

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That full-surface induction cooktop looks good - there've been a lot of requests on this forum for someone to sell something like this in the US. Will they have a 30" wide version? I already have the 12" vario grill and electric (not induction) cooktop; the grill (which has separate front and rear heating elements even on the 12"w version) heats fairly evenly, and they make a griddle plate for it that fits it exactly. Maybe I should go with that.

What kind of foods do you cook on it?

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I'd make space for the upcoming Thermador unit. For a similar 30" unit AEG HK764400FB is about $1000 + 150 shipping(33lbs) Fedex from the UK. It is 7.4kW. You will need to give the CE certification information (220-240v 50-60Hz) to your insurer and use a licensed electrician for the installation. AEG is an Electrolux sub. Please note this has been engineered to work on both 50 and 60Hz by the manufacturer.

Here is a link that might be useful: AEG Maxisense induction cooktop

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Thermador CS has the model numbers for a 36" micro inductor top CIT 36XKB and a 30" top CIT 304KB. Displays in early July with shipping later in July. They just went through training.

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