Toilets- I want to stop thinking about them! Help!

KatieR73March 18, 2014

We are doing the bathrooms in our house and I have to pick new toilets. This is traumatizing me because the last toilet pick was terrible.

We installed a Toto Ultramax regular height, no sanagloss in our powder room. I hate this toilet. It streaks every time someone uses it and it has to be cleaned with a brush. For some reason my kids and husband seem to be drawn to using this bathroom and by the end of the day it looks like a truck stop rest room; with evidence of all the days activities. We NEVER had this problem with the American Standard circa 1985 that the Toto replaced. I thought I was so smart in buying a fancy toilet but I am seriously considering ripping the thing out. I never intended to become permanently bonded with a toilet brush. As for flushing power, its fine. It's clogged once but the kids can go crazy with the Charmin (i know, its the devils spawn to toilets) and it was a huge pain to plunge given the weird design but my major issue is the filth factor.

So now I am toilet shopping again and I don't know what to do. I am switching to comfort height for sure. I plan on putting washlets on all these toilets. I don't care about looks, I have never noticed the beauty of anyones toilet so I'm not worried people will find mine ugly. I like the one piece b/c it is easier to clean the exterior but I'm not totally wed to that. I'm half tempted to keep the American Standards which probably have more water than anything else except they are two piece and sort of rusty inside but at least they don't have to be cleaned daily. That I am considering keeping these is evidence of my confusion.

I know some will say 'oh aim this way' or have your kids change their diet (they eat normally) or whatever, but none of that is going to happen realistically. I can't even get them to reliably lift the seat. Are there ANY new toilets out there that do not require cleaning after each use? I see so many mixed reports on the totos- some say "mine has never streaked and I haven't cleaned it in 3 years!" and others say they have the same problem I do, so I don't know what to make of that. I am not sure if sangloss plus double cyclone flushes make a difference or not. I am not eager to get another Toto based on my experience but based on my research, Im not really eager to get any toilet :-(

Any advice? Should I dig a latrine pit instead?

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I'm sorry to hear of your problems with the Toto Ultramax. I have recently installed the Toto Vespin 11 in our Master BR. It does have the Sanigloss and the Double Cyclone, and I can't say enough about how much better and cleaner this toilet is than any other I've ever had. Not sure if it's my water or my cleaning regimen, but I have never been able to remove stains from all those little rim holes. I also get 'calcium deposit?' on the water line in the bowl which I have to remove with a pumice stone. I do have this problem with both of my other new toilets, and one of those is an AS.

I totally get your frustration with streaking, my DH wouldn't pick up the toilet bowl brush if his life depended on it, so it's up to me to check all the toilets. If I ever had to replace the other two I wouldn't hesitate to get the Drake 11 or the Vespin 11.

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Hi Katie
we just installed two Carlyle IIs with Sanigloss and Double Cyclone. One piece, skirted. I can't stand cleaning around the base of a toilet. I also planned a few more inches of extra space in each toilet area to allow for a mop to get in around it. I haven't had to clean them much yet as they only got put in last week, but the flush action is pretty good and I'm hoping will help with "residue". Perhaps since they won't use a brush, you can convince the other family members that it is mandatory and only good etiquette to check the bowl before leaving the room, and flushing again if necessary.

If you install a washlet, the Toto 350e sprays a mist into the bowl before you sit down, which is also supposed to help keep stuff from adhering to the porcelain. I imagine other brands like Inax perform similar functions.

Like Raehelen, I had calcium deposits around the water line on my Kohlers and I'm hoping the Sanigloss helps with
that too. The pumice I used on the Kohlers is out, as it will damage the Toto's finish.

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The Inax that I have, the L, does not spray water before hand. Of the 3 models that are "advanced toilet seats", the L is the higher model. The water thing is a cleaver idea. I suppose one could flush the toilet ahead of time to see if that helps. Possibly using the smaller flush feature if available on the toilet.

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The trouble you have is the non-sanagloss.
I have a drake II and 2 vespin IIs all with sanagloss. Yes, they "streak"--once. Then, a little while later, it will all have slid and settled to the bottom--no scrubbing needed.

I replaced 2 1980's toilets. Our water bill dropped by a third. There isn't a toilet on the market (legally) that will be washing as much water across everything that your old toilets did, but honestly, my totos clog less frequently, and with sanagloss, I have no complaints.

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I've had 3 Toto Ultramax toilets for years, without Sanagloss, and I think they are great. Occasionally, like any toilet, you have to swirl a toilet brush around for a second or two, but that's no big deal.

All I can surmise is that you replaced an old toilet that was high water use with a current generation low-flow toilet. Most any low flow toilet is not going to scour the bowl quite as completely as the ones that used 4-5 times as much water with each flush. Given that you are not going to find a new toilet that consumes 6 gallons a flush, you may have to lower your expectations a bit and train your family to use a toilet brush once in a while.

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I pulled out the washlet manual. The 350e uses "e-water+" which is a hypochlorous water generated from chloride ions in tap water via electrolysis. Often used for cleaning and disinfecting utensils and baby bottles, "well water may not deliver required effect as the level of chloride ions is low." "Clean sterile water helps to minimize dirty surfaces, but does not make cleaning unnecessary".

So the washlet uses this ewater+ or EO to clean the wand and also as a pre-mist (per manual "to make it more difficult for dirt to adhere") and also as an after-mist once the wand cleaning is done. If the wand or bowl has not been cleaned for 8 hours, the wand cleaning cycle and mist automatically run. All of these auto-functions can be turned on or off.

I use a bowl brush on our Kohler at least weekly and usually more often if I'm in that bathroom, because the men in this house won't clean it to my satisfaction, leaving that essence of pee scent behind. The Kohler actually has a good flush but it's 20 years old and not particularly water-saving. There is rarely "residue/dirt" left behind. I expect I will swirl a toilet brush around in the Totos also just to freshen it up or sanitize rather than only trusting in "e-water+". I will have to go read the toilet manual next, probably no bleach or heavy duty cleaners allowed.

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Three years ago when I updated master bath I put in a kohler Gabriel comfort height, the flush is great. For hallway bath I have toto supreme 2 with sani glo, the flush again is great. When comparing the two for staying clean, the toto wins.

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I have Sanagloss and non-sanagloss totos. I think the Sanagloss is easier to keep clean. I would definitely get it again if I purchased another one.

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Has anyone ruined a sanigloss finish? I am considering installing one in an ocean front home at the jersey shore that will command a very high rent. Mostly it will rent by the week. It will be cleaned by a service between renters. I can't control what they use to clean it. Should I give up on sanigloss?

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