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lzhwongMarch 4, 2013

You guys were so helpful with my last post I have a few questions regarding my upstairs bathrooms.

In my hall bath, my architect has a 60 inch single vanity drawn. I found this wonderful 48'' single sink furniture style vanity that I will use in that space. How much space should I leave between the vanity and the walls? I was thinking 3 inches on either side, resulting in an additional 6 inches of space that I can put in the toilet area to make it more spacious. Thoughts?

In my master bath, we will have 2 vanities. The larger one is currently drawn as a 72 inch vanity. That is a bit excessive for me in terms of vanity space and since there is no linen closet in the bathroom I was thinking of making the vanity 48'' and a 24'' wide recessed linen tower. It would be recessed so it would only be 15'' deep. The window you see is a transom window. The question is whether I should put the linen tower on the left or on the right side of the vanity. Also, with a transom window, the linen tower probably will not be able to go to the ceiling.

Thank you again for all of your help! You guys have been a wealth of information and I cannot thank you enough for all the great advice you have provided.

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I think that visually 3" between the guest vanity and the wall would look good but keep in mind that you'd be creating a tight space for cleaning access. That is probably less of a concern with a furniture style vanity than with an installed cabinet though.

I'm having a hard time zooming in on your masterbath plan enough to see it in great detail. Would it be possible to rotate the image and post it separately?

One thing that would factor into the decision for me is whether I'd have enough elbow room on my dominant side. That is to say, if the linen tower is offset from the sink in one direction, I'd want to have more space on the right since I'm right-handed. I'd be able to give you more specific feedback if/when I can see your layout a little better.

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Treasuretheday: Hopefully, this image is more clear. The master bath will have a freestanding tub and a doorless shower. Also, I plan on eliminating the storage closet and putting a wall there. Do you think it should be a full height wall or a pony wall? BTW, both my husband and I do not like toilet closets.

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Thanks, that helps!

If you're replacing the storage cabinet between the toilet and the vanity with a wall, you could go either way. A pony wall would give some privacy without closing off the area to the light coming in from across the room. A full wall would allow you to recess a medicine cabinet on the vanity side if you wanted additional shallow storage. Personally, I'd probably go for a pony wall.

How high is the transom window over the longer vanity? Is it high enough that you'd be centering a mirror over the sink? If you go with a 48" vanity, whichever side you put a 24" linen tower, you wouldn't be able to keep the sink centered on the window. Even though I'm right handed, I'd probably prefer to keep the tall linen tower on the right side as you face the vanity so that it is in the corner rather than breaking up the visual openness between the vanity and your tub. My only concern would be how much elbow room there would be (although if you do a partial recess, that would help.)

I'm not great at layouts, and may not be interpreting yours correctly, but have you considered moving your door into the shower further to the left on that wall? That would give you space to build a linen closet where the current shower entry is shown. Or, if not a full linen closet, you could build a combination of open and closed shelves, towel cubbies, etc.

It looks like a lovely room with the skylights and freestanding tub. I hope you'll post pictures because we love pictures here!

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I think putting a linen tower in at the vanity is a great idea. We have double linen towers flanking our double vanity and I love it. I will say, our towers are 18" wide and it's plenty. 24" might be overkill, IMO. How tall are your ceilings? Your linen tower does not have to go as high as the ceiling, but will need to be below the transom window. How high up the wall is the bottom of the transom window planned for?

Here's a pic of ours...we have 9' ceilings and as you can see, the towers end about 6-9" under the thick moldings.

Hope this helps!

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Consider this for your "pony wall". If I had the space, I'd have totally done this in our remodel:

Source: via Dayna on Pinterest

This was from Beagles' house, I believe.

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Treasure is on to something about the shower door. I also see an accessibility issue with the shower opening in the corner as drawn. The width is good at 36" but if someone needed to access with a handicap it would be a big problem. As my DS says "we're all just temporarily abled." He didn't come up with that, but heard it from someone with a physical handicap. I think planning for accessibility is a smart thing.

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Are you set on this bathroom setup? It looks like the shower will be doorless and based on the clearances, it looks like you're also planning for handicap accessibility should you need it in the future. There may be a better/more efficient layout of the space that would give you a more user friendly shower in the case of decreased mobility. I have some ideas, but if you're set on this overall layout I'll leave it be.

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Thank you for all of your feedback. I am not set on this layout but I cannot change the size of the bathroom (i.e . shift walls). We actually did not plan for this bathroom for be handicap accessible. How can you guys tell it's ADA compliant? We have a full bath downstairs for the guest bedroom and possibly for parents or inlaws, should they need to stay with us in the future.

I wanted a doorless shower because I hate cleaning our current glass door. I know it will be sort of dark in there but the skylight should provide ample natural light from above.

If you have suggestions to make the layout more efficient, I would love to hear your idea.s Thank you again!

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Just another thought - For the master bathroom, if I build a 20'' linen cabinet, the vanity would be 52''. However, as a previous comment indicated, the vanity would no longer be centered over the transom window. I don't think I can move the transom window over since there is a window right next to it. Will it look funny that the window is not centered?

Thanks again for your help!

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