Choose best value detergent - ASTM for the scientist - Hoping

gardurnitJanuary 21, 2010

How to determine cleaning value of detergent? ASTM Method online but not enough information: ASTM = American Society of Testing and Materials (scientists or methods)

I'm degreed in electronics, chemistry and optics. But I've not done any analysis for detergents.

I figure it's simple. Get some grease and find out how much can go into solution , in water, using a fixed

amount of detergent.

But that takes work. and well I suppose I could do it.

I'm just buying a lot, of detergent, because I'm moving into a new home and have the thought if I buy plenty of

detergent using coupons and finding the right product I can avoid buying it again for a few years. It won't

go bad and I have storage space.

My concern is how to ensure I get the best value.

First I need to specify what I need to have.

A. No dyes. No perfume. Clean and clear. Because I use it for everything. It works for my shampoo, my hand washing,

dish washing, clothes washing and degreasing of parts and car parts and anything else that it works for.

I even found , one summer, if I evaporate a pan of it I can get a very nice 'bar' .of detergent. It's a kind of very thick

firm rubbery material which goes slippery when you touch it with wet hands. Nice for some uses.

It's amazing how little one uses for washing hands. One or two drops. I've got dispensers I've made.

Take a plastic lidded container. Put a small hole in the top and using GOOP adhesive glue whatever kind(s)

of scrubbers you like to the lid. Rough it up with the $1.00 foot callous rubber from dollar Tree and it sticks

anything to the lid. I use a variety of roughness products and by keeping it tipped upside down the small hole

only allows a bit of detergent out to the scrubber when you want or need it. If there's a bit extra I pack it up and

wash my hands with the extra.

Anyway I'm pretty committed to it and without the free and clear I'd never use it. But now that I am I'd like to be

sure I'm getting my best value. I realize everyone has a favorite. My favorite is the one with best value.

All Free and Clear has $2 off coupons till 2-7 and my store has 50oz for $4.00 after coupon. Not the best price as

far as I think.

Maybe you can offer some other choices.

Remember many people read these posts not only the forum users but Google users, Yahoo and AoL users and 100's

more from many search engines. Keep the forum well fed and you'll be fed in return with good advice.

Thank you.


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I use detergent for clothes and dishwashing. The criteria is how well it works. As for price I have a couple of favorites and they all go on sale sometimes and that's when I stock up. I use less than their recommended amount, and it works just as well.

I would hate to use detergent to wash my hair or hands. I have enough problems with dry skin. Detergent pollutes our water so I use it as little as possible

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I buy whatever is on sale at my local grocery,then use HALF the recommended amount. A bottle of Dawn lasts forever, as does a box of Cascade and a bottle of Gain Laundry detergent. I'll hand wash a glass or coffee cup rather than load my dishwasher. This is as "green" as I get.

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I buy coupons on ebay for laundry detergent, stock up while its on sale with the 20 coupons for a dollar off or whatever. But I have no earthly idea which one you could use to both degrease car parts and wash your hair with, lol.

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