HELP Wood floor and cabinet problems

cztzinniJanuary 15, 2010

I have read many solutions on this site that were very helpful in the past. Hopefully I can the help I need.

We purchased a new home recently. The house is five years old and never lived in. We can not contact the builder because the house was purchased through the bank (short sale and it did not go well at settlement). Our problem is there is a white film on the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. We wipe them off with various wood cleaners and even mold cleaners (for wood), but the film comes back. The wood floors are pre-finished and they are just mess. Swirlmarks and black scuff marks. Nothing has helped fixing these problems. We do not know the manufacture name for the floors or cabinets. Can anyone help?

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it kind of sounds like maybe they dont have a finish on them ,another thing it could be is maybe too much if you polish alot gets alot of build up,will turn white.To see if its wax you run your fingernail on the wood youll see wax.On the other you could use like a side of cabinet you dont see easily use a wax ,hand rub,see if white goes away.Or you could try some kind finish ,we used a sealer oil cant think of name that was nice.

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Scuff marks can be removed by rubbing with a dryer sheet. First make sure the area is clean by wiping with a rag, then use the dryer sheet and lastly buff with a soft cloth.

The white film could befrom moisture under the sealer coat if the house was empty and unheated. If that is the case not much will bring it back.

I would suggest you look into minwax products and see if any of the hardwood restorers would work.

You could try oiling the cabinets with lemon or teak oil. I do my cabinets with them once a year to keep them from drying out. I put it on with a little excess and leave them for at least half an hour then buff off the excess with a soft cloth

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