Field of Dreams Farmhouse

tinnyFebruary 20, 2008

I was wondering if anyone has built this house? Or if anyone has ever seen it built? I know it was recently mentioned on another thread, and when I inquired about buying the plans I was told that it was extremely popular.

We don't have farmland, rather 2.2 acres with a creek/river wrapping the property. I think the simplicity of the house would compliment the land rather than overwhelm it. It also seems like an affordable house to build.

Any info on this plan would be much appreciated!

Field of Dreams House:

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Hi tinny! If you get a chance, check out Southern Livings Davenport plan. It's a little smaller (unless you finish the 3rd floor) but it was cheap to build (in my area, coastal NC). It will come out to approx. 138k. I have pictures, just have to figure out how to upload them. Anyway, just something to compare Field of Dreams too! :)

I've always LOVED the Field of Dreams house also, but DH didn't like the floor plan...he likes big open ones, I'm the opposite). Oh well, maybe next go round!



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Thanks, I will check it out!

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We have this house plan and love it. We've a few modifications like making a large walk in shower in the couples realm. We are on 12 acres in the middle of prairie grass and love sitting out on the porches and watching the wind blow through the grasses. The outside is just as good as inside.
If you want some photos, I would be glad to share.

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If you don't mind me hopping in, I would absolutely LOVE to see photos! I am in love with this house and plan. Ponydoc introduced me to this plan in a thread a while back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Farmhouse thread

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Nice house...but please tell me nobody actually uses the term "couples realm" to describe the master bedroom...

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I like this house! So different from my ranch style home! I love the porches and that screened in porch. The inside pictures where really pretty. I love the fireplace and all the windows in the kitchen.

Jinxe, I can picture your house in my mind! Beautiful :-) I bet you adore sitting on your porch and looking out at the prairie fields!!!

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I'm bringing up this thread again because we're considering building this plan. Is there anyone else who has built it? Any things you particularly like or dislike about the plan? Recommendations? How was the affordability? Can anyone post pictures?

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Hi Birchbark! We are in the process of building this house! We bought the plans from We had a designer put the plans into CAD, and he used the floor plan of Field of Dreams II and the detached garage from the original plan. We did not make many changes. In the kitchen we are going to a have a corner sink and a prep sink in the island. I am also moving the fridge. We added a French slider in the dining room, but that is about it.
Jinxe e-mailed us her pictures a while back, and it was so wonderful to see how they had built it! I have not been able to find any other picures of the home online.
We are not too far along in the process, but let me know if there are anymore questions I can answer for you!

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I'd love to see some pictures of the process. We're considering some of the very changes you mentioned.(Is there a way to PM on this forum?)

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We are strongly considering this plan and have the same questions posted by birchbark! Any info or pics that can be provided would be so wonderful and helpful!

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Hi All - We are about 2 months away from finishing this house in rural Va./Shenandoah Vally. Process has gone well despite a few issues with the plan (clarity for the builder). We loved the layout and design and many people comment on its uniqueness. Many (many, many) photos of the building process that I'm happy to share if anybody cares to see.

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to link a URL put it in the box provided below the message box and give it a name.

Here is a link that might be useful: original link

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I don't have any exciting pictures to post yet. Walls should start going up in the next fews days, so hopefully soon. David, will you post some of your pictures? I would love to see them!!

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They really are selling the dream here aren't they? That dream of a by gone rural era. I love it personally and fall for it hook line and sinker. Love the porches.

My only issues are the same issues I have with many two stories. Should I get hurt and not be able to manage stairs for awhile I want to be able to camp out on the first floor - i.e. I want a full bath on the same floor as the kitchen.
And I really like attached garages.

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Several have asked for photos so I uploaded to a shared site. For exterior, please go to: and for interior please see:

Thanks - David

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wow! Thank you so much for the pictures. They took my breath away! What a gorgeous setting you have! The house is simply stunning. What kind of windows did you use?

I saw that you built a half wall between the dining room and family room. I love how it opens the rooms up, but where will you put your tv? I have been struggling with that wall for the last few days. The built-in media center that is in the original plans seems like it is in an awkward spot. My framers are wanting an answer!

Thanks again! It was so fun to see your pictures!

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Tinny - thanks for the reply, we're excited and nervous due to the end of our budget coming quicker than the end of the project. The house we sold to build this one was historic but chopped up, that drove the decision to make that media wall 1/2. We plan on putting our piano there for now (fits perfect) but wired for future TV/etc. The other side fits a buffet perfect for the dining room. We also ran wires above the fireplace for a nice flat panel if ever desired in the future. We decided to use the away room for the TV center for now. Three kids and other than the random Sponge Bob, we don't really watch a lot. Building corner shelves in that room to accommodate.

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We are building this house but are using S.I.P. panels they have just started to put the panels together and we did switch things around a bit.
I will try and post some photos soon, for anyone who is interested.
We did a Jack and Jill bathroom upstairs and mirror imaged the house (I am still trying to flip it around in my head). We also did a walk in shower in our master bath and put the laundry upstairs.

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Thanks for the photos! Beautiful. Erin, I'd love to see yours too. Do you guys think the plan is pretty affordable per square foot?

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Birchbark - cost per square foot seems to change daily right now. For our region, the average is $165 - $200+. We were determined to hit $120 to $125 per square foot - I don't think we'll make it but shouldn't be too high over. The plan wasn't the most straight forward and there are several offsets (i.e., mudroom and 2nd floor as well as kitchen) that did add to the stick building price. We're 1.5 months away from finishing and looking at cutting some of what we wanted just to get in.

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We looked though numerous farm house plans online and through many books. We ended up drawing our own dream Farm House plans and took them into a local draftsman. He transformed our sketches into the Italianate Farm House plan we had been searching for but couldn't quite find. Our home is about 3200sqft including a partially finished basement. We have a great builder with a team of excellant craftsman allowing us to adjust our design as we go along. We are about 2 months out from completion. Located in southwest Michigan on 12 acres just outside the town of Saugatuck. We're about 30 miles from Grand Rapids and a 2 hour drive from Chicago. We've encorporated eco-friendly technology into a very traditional design. Heating, A/C and hot water are Geo-Thermal.

Photos are posted on the below link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Farm House Construction Photos

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I am finally getting around to sharing some pictures. We are still in the framing stage, but it is wrapping up. We are hoping to build for around $100/sq ft ($244 if you include the land). We are owner building, and dh is doing a lot of the work himself.
David, I would love to see some more of your pictures- you must be close now!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Field of Dreams

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Gary1227 your house is so cool! An Italinate farmhouse - what a great outcome. Now if I could just teleport your house out to my spot on the High Plains! Nice driveway entry too!

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Thanks Holyoak! We're happy with our outcome. Only wish we could have figured a way to built ours for a $100/sqft like tiny but we're not that handy. We should end up around $165/sqft for everything including that hunk of driveway.

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Hello! I am new to the forums. I found them by researching farm houses. I was sent to this thread and was so excited to see that some of you are building or have built the Field of Dreams home. Would those of you who posted on here before be willing to share some pics. I am not able to access any of the ones previosly posted other than gary1227's. Your house is gorgeous Gary! Thanks to all for considering my request and offering help!

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Bumping for more photos of the Field of Dreams! We have an offer on our house, so we may be building soon!

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You should still be able to see my pictures in the link above. Here are a few new ones, too. We had our windows and doors installed. I went with Lincoln windows with a matte black finish on the exterior. I couldn't be happier with them! Front doors are custom. Right now the plumber and electrician are finishing up. Siding should go on next week!
Congrats on getting your house sold! Good luck getting started on your build!

Here is a link that might be useful: Field of Dreams Progress

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Thanks, tinny for answering me and linking your photos! The progress must be very exciting! Have you been able to stick to your budget so far? We will be GC and doing much of the work ourselves. Currently we are trying to get numbers together to get a rought estimate of what it is going to cost. What changes did you make to the plan? Did you leave the step down in to the mud room? Are you doing an attached garage? What are you doing between the kitchen and DR? I enjoy watching your pictures of the progress. Are you also blogging somewhere? I would love to read about your experience. Thanks, again!

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Could someone post a few of the window sizes in the Field of Dreams plan for the living room and the upstairs? We're doing a remodel and trying to match the look and feel of this house. The windows look like they're about 30" wide, by scaling dimensions from the healthyhouseplans web site, but 30" wide windows don't meet egress requirements as single or double-hungs.


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You are correct on the size, and no, they don't meet egress! We found this one out the hard way, and ended up having to make one window in each bedroom a casement. I was upset at first, but in the end I love the way it turned out!

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Thanks Tinny for confirming my suspicions.

We tried to mix casements and double-hungs to address the egress issue, but multiple window bids came back with a note saying that this wouldn't look very good.

Which window manufacturer did you use? Did you do anything in particular to soften the difference in appearance between casements and double-hungs?



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We used Lincoln windows and they built the casements to look like double hungs. You can't tell from the outside unless they are open.

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I feel like I struck gold! I have been searching for a field of dreams home all of my life and just found this website. Where do I get plans to build it? We are approaching our retirement and want to spend the rest of our lives in a house like this. The only thing is I want more of a great room inside, no dining room, and big windows everywhere possible. Thanks so much for helping me make our dream come true!

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We are just completing the Field of Dreams Farmhouse. We are building on a raised foundation due to a high water table and are building the first floor all on one level instead of dropping the mudroom down a notch. We mirrored the plan and added 4ft to the library toward the mudroom and added 4 ft to the guest and Master bedrooms toward the mudroom. The laundry we moved upstairs and bumped out 4 ft toward the bedroom. We stole the closet from bedroom 3 and used it as the Master Bath shower, built a toilet room in the middle, made the walk in closet a tub/spa room and put the walk in closet where the tub, toilet and shower were. A 72in vanity occupies the long wall against the laundry room. Here is a link to our pictures so far.

Here is a link that might be useful: Field of Dreams Farmhouse

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