Jenn-Air Launches new Downdraft: Accolade

deeageauxMarch 25, 2013

Luxury appliance brand Jenn-Air introduced a cooking ventilation system that was developed to serve as kitchen design focal point when in use, and to virtually disappear when not in use.

The telescoping Accolade ventilation appliances are individually handcrafted of stainless steel and glass. The ventilation system is arc-shaped, with a curved, sculptural profile designed to place the ventilation closer to the cooking source than traditional systems.

This new system is the latest in a long series of Jenn-Air ventilation innovations spanning five decades. They include the first downdraft cooktop; a black glass and stainless steel "perimetric" system that hangs on the wall like a flat screen TV; and the first duct-free downdraft ventilation that filters and recirculates air, requiring no ducting to the outside.

"Because it's both beautiful and fully retractable, the Accolade system offers the best of both worlds in luxury kitchen design," noted Juliet Johnson, manager of brand experience for Jenn-Air. "When it's doing its job it makes a powerful design statement, but when it's not needed it disappears, opening up kitchen sight lines and keeping things sleek and uncluttered."

The 36-inch Accolade system is equipped with a high performance, pressure stabilizing in-line blower system that removes cooking smoke at a rate of up to 1,200 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The inline blower system minimizes operating sounds to keep things quiet in the kitchen. High flow speed at the edge of the hood helps to prevent smoke from escaping into the kitchen, even at low motor levels.

The ventilation can be engaged either by pressing a button on the system itself or using the provided remote control. Its sleek, slim-profile design is enhanced with ambient lighting, concealed controls, and discreet LED lighting that indicates fan speed and provides an alert when filters require cleaning.

The system also has dishwasher-safe mesh filters, a magnetic filter attachment, four fan speeds, three duct positions, auto shutoff when retracted, and a timer for automatically turning off the blower.


Although still not functionally acceptable IMO, it does look like a significant improvement from previous version.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Did they put a price on it, on their Web-site? If not I would stay away, as "To Me" that is "Sleeze bag marketing"!!!

SZ Wolf used to do that but now they have MSRP up on their web-site, at least last time I looked they did.

Think about it, every item in grocery store has price, every gas station, any car at a dealership, new or used.

They do that so you will call and get some "Hot Shot Closer" on ya----Not my cup of tea alto I'm more than up to the tasks of handing one of those, (hot shots)!!!


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I know I want to be sitting in the easy chair in the family room and be able to grab my remote control for the vent to turn it on when the bacon smells start to waft my way.

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Don't it look like a Gutmann Futura?

Here is a link that might be useful: Futura

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When Jenn-Air finally perfects the downdraft, it will hang from the ceiling...

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