Speaking of Collections...HEAVY pics

wandaredheadFebruary 8, 2010

When I was 5 years old, Santa brought me my first Moss Rose tea set.

This is a portion of what has followed me home since...

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My goodness, Wanda, what a grand collection you have! Its absolutely gorgeous. And for so many pieces, you've managed to display it so well. The pieces in Photos 5 and 6 are my favorites.
I'm so glad you shared this with us, you must be so proud to have a collection like this. Have you now got "everything" or do you still find some to add?

hugs, Karen

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Oh, boy! Purplemoon's right. That is a GRAND collection. I think it's wonderful that you have so many of the odd serving pieces as well. So glad to see all those dishes found their way to your house.

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Wow... that is a MASSIVE collection! I agree that the "specialty" pieces are my favorites... I love the egg cups. :) What's the piece in the foreground of photo 6 that has what looks like odd-sized looped handles at both ends?

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The lamps and the teapots have to be my favorite pieces but you've accomplished an amazing collection.

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I agree, great collection! What a beautiful tablescape you could create with some of those pieces! Do you ever use any of it, or is it only to enjoy looking at? I also love the furniture piece you have it displayed in--just perfect for it. Luvs

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Wow Wanda...what a Beautiful Collection.
It's amazing all the different pieces that were designed for that one set.
I agree, you must be so proud, and you have them displayed so beautifully too.
I'd love to see a tablescape using some of your pieces...that would be wonderful...not that I'm 'twisting' your arm...!!


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OMGosh, WRH, you're going to have to join right in here & do a tablescape with a portion of your wonderful pcs! That is one HUGE, beautiful collection! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Okay, hand over that gorgeous vase! lol. You got your first pieces at 5 years old?? What a smart mother!

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purplemoon, LOL. Are you kidding?! There are still some 'speciality' pieces I'm looking for; i.e. conf sugar sprinkler, syrup dispenser...

oldalgebra, The serving pieces have been the hardest to find...at the price I want to pay, anyway. My sister loves that I collect...it's always easy to know what to get me as a gift. :~)

party, I don't have a clue. LOL. I saw it. It was calling my name. So, it followed me home...I know you can relate.

It is shaped similar to the Aladdin lamps but the opening isn't right. I've never seen anotherone. I've put long-stemmed matches in it from time to time. Does anyone have any other ideas what it may be for?

milosmom, Thanks. It depends on what day of the week it is or what is my latest find that's my favorite.

luvs, Thanks. Yes, I do use it on a regular basis. To me, that's what's so fun about it. I have an 8-piece set in my cabinet I use daily and add in speciality pieces as needed. I also have picked up pieces here and there of the children's size and my granddaughters and I have teas. The cabinet was a gift from a friend. It is a reproduction but the doors are antique windows.

slinkey, Thanks. Here's another pic of some pieces I use in my guest room.

jeanne, Thank you. I'll post some pics the next time I set the table with it...it'll be after Easter 'cause I use my 'holiday-type' dishes through Easter.

oakleyok, LOL. The vase looks very special with fresh flowers from the garden.

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WOW what a lovely collection..I love the pitcher, and everything else is gorgeous!!
Thanks for posting...

I need to get me lazy self to photograph all of my transferware and the Haviland and get the pictures on here.

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I suspect th piece next to the lamp originally had a lid....and that it's a dresser dish...trinket holder...earring box...whatever keeper!!
Lots of stuff you have there....sort of like me and the mason's pink vista!
Linda c

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OMG, what a lovely collection! The design on them is so beautiful. I've never seen such an extensive collection before anywhere, Wanda. I can see why you're proud of it!! And, yes, I'm echoing the rest here, let's see a table set with some of it soon!

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Oh, my!!!! Now *that* is a collection worthy of the name! Very pretty design and so many unique pieces. Have you counted them to know how many you have? I'm guessing over 500? TFS and hope you show us a TS with them.

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Oh my, that is the mother of all collections! Just beautiful!

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Thanks for the ideas.
I didn't think about a lid.

No, I've never counted it.

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Wanda, I noticed that your dressing table is just like the one I had growing up. How pretty! I think one of my sisters has it still. Kidney-shaped and the arms swing away so that you can access the front drawer, if it has a skirt on it. I remember that my mother made a beautiful, multi-layered, fluffy skirt for ours.
Yours is lovely!

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There was one like this in my room, too!
I saw this one at a resale shop a couple years ago and had to have it.

I did the distressed paint look.

My Mom also sewed a skirt for the one I had.
I've had the fabric for a skirt for about 1 1/2 to 2 years.
Needless to say, my dressing table is still nekkid.

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Thought some of you might want to see this collection. For those who've already posted on here, may be time for another look. This is an awesome collection.


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WOW, that is gorgeous! I have several of the teacups/saucers and some salad plates in that pattern, but I had no idea there were so many different pieces.


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absolutely stunning collection - thank you so much for sharing :) I would be using that on a regular basis also - very very pretty ......


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