Outdoor Polymer Cabinets - comparisons? reviews?

ktmastFebruary 12, 2013

I have a small area, 6 feet long, next to my house and would like to put a cabinet with a sink and some storage cabinets. The plumbing and drain are already set up. I have been looking on the internet and found a few polymer/marine cabinet makers:


Does anyone know of other manufacturers? Any experience with the Marine grade polymer cabinets? They seem to cost about 1/2 of what stainless steel would and from what I see, I like them better. How do the different manufacturers compare? I appreciate any information and help I can get.


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Our builder recommended using cypress and having a trim carpenter build the cabinetry and then stain it. Ours in under a lanai, so it won't be in direct rain etc...

Good luck with your build!

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Thanks Pam,

I am still in the planning stages. Werever is sending a sample. It is under an overhang, but the afternoon sun beats right into the area we want to put the counter. Hopefully others will be able to give me some ideas too.


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Katy...I just went to their website...that stuff is NICE! I think I need to price it out for mine!
Thanks for the tip!

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