February 14 Makes Me Think of . . . . . .

oldalgebraFebruary 11, 2012

. . . . ????

Click here to find out.

Love, OA

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I left you a message OA. What a nice job the gkids did building the ferris wheel. Thanks for the history lesson and neat tablescape. So fun. Luvs

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OA, you never cease to amaze me. You are wonderful at coming up with such unique tables. This one is just darling.

I love seeing your gkids assembling the Ferris Wheel. What a fun way to include them into a beautiful creation. The pictures, cracker jacks, dishes and napkins are great. Copies of fair tickets for place cards and your souvenir maps placemats are just over the top.

So happy you are back to entertain us!


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OA -
Love the themes you come up with for each table and this ferris wheel one is just great fun.
I love bright colors you chose for your dishes and linens - the 'ticket to ride' place cards and of course the main attraction -
that great Ferris Wheel!
Like Luvs said your Gkids did such a nice job making it and it's so nice to see them having fun creating it.

When I was a kid, I rode on one of those Ferris Wheels with the cars - in Coney Island.. It held lots of people too and the neat part about it was that the cars were on seperate cables and they would slide to the side of the wheel. It was scary and fun at the same time.

Thanks for the 'History Lesson'...loved it and your table too.

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Its just wonderful to see one of your super-duper, uniquely creative, tables again! Who'd have thought of a Ferris Wheel table?? Well YOU, of course. And your grandkids are equally O-so-Amazing. That ferris wheel is really something!!

History is always interesting, so thank you for sharing with us.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks so much for this fantastic table!!
Of course you had to use a round table.
Love the colors, so bright and cheerful.
Very cool using pictures of the fair for placemats!
I love the pictures of your grand kids building the Ferris Wheel.
Thanks for sharing the fun facts about the Ferris wheel!
You are the best~

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My first thoughts when I clicked your 'here' was that famous movie line 'She's ba-aaa-ck!' (can you see Jack Nicholson's face!)

Oh, enjoyed this t'scape so much ...your humor 'shines' thru, OA! Love the red/orange combo in the linens, place settings & centerpc. Esp love how you used pictures as picks w/the flowers, the placemats & nametags. The masterpc on the table is, of course, the ferris wheel! Nice engineering! TFS, OA! Jeanne S.

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Thanks, everyone. So glad you enjoyed the post. I have to admit, there's more than just a "splash of color" in this one - more like a small flood. But I like bright colors, so it's very ME and, because of its theme, very child oriented as well. The history lesson, as you all refer to it, wasn't meant to enlighten (I realize those facts come under the heading of common knowledge), but rather intended to show the tablescape tie-in to Ferris Wheel Day. I'd hate to think you all thought I was "lecturing" on the history of Ferris Wheels.

I've never been on a Ferris Wheel with cars. Always wanted to however. The kind with bucket seats scare me to death!

My grandson turned 8 not too long ago, and he's just discovered models. He loves puzzles - and the ferris wheel was surely a puzzle. After step one, he got right into it and went to town. My recommendation: DONT BUY K'NEX models! All those tiny pieces and there wasn't ONE EXTRA PIECE in the box. Luckily, the children worked over a hardwood floor and not a rug.

Yes, Jeanne, it is fun to be ba-aaa-ck! Life is pretty hectic these days (Wasn't it supposed to slow down at my age?), so not sure how religious I'll be about continuing, but I have been working an another February tablesscape in the dining room. So there'll be at least one more this month.

Thanks to you all for commenting. Why did I ever take a break from this place. It's so fun!

P.S. With the help of a couple of Double AA batteries, the Ferris Wheels actually revolves.

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No, it doesn't revolve, it rotates, I think.

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How fun! Where do you find the old maps and tickets??

You make my head "spin" with your clever creations and I think it is so super that the DGK's get involved!

A+ on this table for sure!! LOL


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Found the map and tickets on the internet. Had Kinko's print three maps on 17 by 11 paper. Came to about $5.00, I think. Not sure, because I bought a candy bar to munch on while I was waiting for my turn (like I need a candy bar).

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