Well pump installation costs in your area

alliernFebruary 13, 2008

We broke ground last week on our new home and already have the well dug. Now, we have to have a pump system installed. The well is 660' deep and needs a 70' water line to the house. We are looking to use a 1.5hp constant pressure pump system. We have been quoted $7k-8k from different suppliers. We think we're getting robbed. We're building in Colorado but live in NY...long distance build. Does anyone else have experience with this? What has been the ballpark cost for your pump system? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Ours cost about half that. Our well is only 300ft deep, so you'll need a more expensive/larger pump than we have. I'm in AL but we had a second home in CO until a few years ago (no well). Things do cost more, but shouldn't be double.

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We just sold a vacation home and the well had to be 1000 ft. and cost $15,000. Our new house was quoted at $4,000.

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Thanks for your responses. The well itself cost $14,000 to be drilled. We got price quotes from 4 different well installers in the area for that. But with the pump it's going to run us about $22,000! DH and I just feel like the mark-up on the pump, etc...is way too much. Anyone else? Thanks!

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I think you'd be better off using two pumps; a 'regular' well pump (still won't be cheap) and then having a larger storage tank with a small & cheap distribution pump to feed your house.

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Ours was under $6000.00, included drilling, pump, tank and permit. We got 5 different quotes and they ranged from $5000.00 - $8500.00. We are in MA

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$10,350.00 for a 307ft well along with electrical and 170ft of piping underground runs to the house. It is setup for continuous run.


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Ours cost about 8k and was installed last summer. We needed a 550' run to the house and the well was about 330' deep. The water line was placed into conduit because we had rocky soil and that was also included.

The 8k covered the well pump, the pressure tank, various plumbing parts, running the electrical and water line, and conduit. I also had them run an extra 10/2 cable in the trench so that I could hook up lights at the front of my property some day - and that cost $700 and was included in the 8K. The only thing not included in the the 8k was the excavation costs to dig the trench.

I too was shocked at the cost - mainly because our builder underestimated this cost when he set the allownace. After I looked at the itemized bill, the cost for parts and labor looked reasonable.

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Thanks for all your responses. Our persistence has paid off. we called another installer and his very detailed estimate came in at $1500 less than the middle guy and $2000 less than the highest estimate. All it took was a phone call to save some money! Better in my pocket than theirs!

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I guess the price I am asking for my used water well pump jack ($400) is not to bad after all. Several years ago I priced a new pump jack and they was asking $1,200 for it.

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